Summarize Proust Competition:  Retrospective Program 2

Summarize Proust Competition: Retrospective Program 2

Crosley Fiver
Guy Benoit
16mm, 18 min., 1993, USA

A black comedy concerning the exploits of a man confronted with the threat of having everything he values mercilessly severed from him.

Jeff Velencia
16mm, 11 min., 1994, USA

A tribute to the early days of experimental filmmaking. A film about art, how the moving image works in the theater, and LSD.

Andre The Giant Has A Posse
Helen Stickler
Video, 15 min., 1997, USA

It started out as an inside joke between two skate punks and grew into an international underground phenomenon. There are an estimated 400,000 Andre The Giant Has A Posse stickers in distribution, appearing on guitars, skateboards, school books, road signs, and houseplants around the world. This documentary tells the story behind the sticker and its creator, Shepard Fairey.

Monday 9:02 A.M.
Tyler Hubby
16mm, 11 min., 1996, USA

Inspired by Michael Snow's Wavelength and made in real time in one take. This film asks, “how long does it take for everything and nothing to happen?”

Killing Time
Adam “Tex” Davis
16mm, 28 min., 1996, USA

“What do you do when you're bored? Some people watch TV or call a friend while others might read a book or catch up on chores around the house... Or, if you're like "Tex" and "Weasel", two bored slackers, you decide to kill a random stranger. This film is a parable about violence in modern day society and the effects of a nihilistic social strata in decay... just kidding. It's a dark comedy about two morons with too much time and not enough brains. Written, directed and starring Adam "Tex" Davis, writer of Just Friends, and also starring Todd "Weasel" Phillips, director of The Hangover. See the stupid shit they were doing before they went Hollywood!” (AD)



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