School of Change

School of Change

Them Oracles
Alee Peoples
16mm, 7 min., 2012, USA

“Them Oracles is a skeptic investigation of what an oracle can be and what it would sound like. Human desire and blind faith allow, and maybe even will, these mystic soothsayers to exist.” (AP)

Emily Kuehn
Video, 5 min., 2012, USA

“A surprising inquiry turns a typical rendezvous into a melodious interspecies encounter.” (EK)

The Invisible World
Jesse McLean
Video, 20 min., 2012, USA

“A deceased hoarder, reconstituted through technology, recounts a difficult childhood as inhabitants of a virtual world struggle to reconcile materialistic tendencies. A scientist leads an effort to understand the passage of time, but the data is unreliable. The question remains, what happens to our things after we are gone?” (JM)

Island Light
Andrew Rosinski
Video, 3 min., 2012, USA

“A story of a summer night on a lake, where I paddled a boat to an island.” (AR)

Releasing Human Energies
Mark Toscano
16mm, 6 min., 2012, USA

“A film about control. A refinement of energy for purposes of conserving resources, materials, impetus, potential, so they might all be narrowly channeled toward an unquestioned goal of maximum profit with minimum waste. Capitalism, in this example, as a process of understanding how to make use of someone as efficiently as possible to get the most out of them that is desired. Instructions for keeping people on task.” (MT)

School of Change
Jennet Thomas
Video, 52 min., 2012, UK

“School of Change is a sci-fi experimental musical film based in a distorted reality that satirically mirrors our own. Like Lewis Carroll’s Alice, we are led through a day in the life of the New Girl – kidnapped into this alternate time-space in which changes – mutations in the workings of reason itself – threaten the viability of humanity. As the New Girl joins her class an exact replica of her joins three identical classes. The School appears to be one of a franchise of SCHOOLS OF CHANGE - attempting to shore up against the Breakdown, to educate and prepare a new generation to adapt. While behind everything, the all-pervasive power of The Sponsor is constantly enforced... School of Change is a celebratory, complex critique of fears and desires for radical change, speculating on the future of technology, the marketization of education, the weirdness of physics and crisis, both financial and ontological. Inspired by traditions of absurd British satire, and with original music by composer Leo Chadburn, the film’s playful strangeness delights in disruptive editing rhythms, choreographed movements, unusual special effects and songs, colliding the everyday location of the artist’s former school with an extraordinary, skewed logic.” (JT)



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