Black Metal
Kat Candler
Video, 9 min., 2013, USA
“After a career spent mining his music from the shadows, one fan creates a chain reaction for the lead singer of a black metal band.” (KC)

Joel Potrykus
Video, 86 min., 2012, USA

“There are a myriad of young directors who have decided to focus their attention on the failures of their peers, daring to show the western white male as immature and antisocial, exposing his contradictions, neuroses and anxieties. Welcome to economically depressed Grand Rapids, Michigan, where we find the listless Trevor Newandyke (a brilliant Joshua Burge), a sociopath, failed comedian, and arsonist. His jokes embody a desperate, sarcastic vision, expressing a true punk sense of humor that is lost on his audiences. When he’s not trying to perfect his routine in front of his bathroom mirror, Trevor likes to set fire to rubbish bins and gets off on the sound of Molotov cocktails hitting his neighbors’ homes. Trevor’s life is a concentration of trouble, absurd meetings and discussions, public humiliation, solitary wanderings, and long moments of exhaustion spent between the walls of his small room. One day a man dressed as the Devil offers him a deal.

A nightmarish, nihilistic tale, the ultra-low budget Ape has all the qualities to become a standard for a generation that has no future, and is also a political manifesto for the best of new American cinema. Burge’s character is an authentic rebel and Potrykus is an innovator, and should be an example for all proletarian artists who really want to make a "guerrilla film."—Olivier Père, Locarno Film Festival



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