How To Stop Being A Mason: Retrospective Program 1

How To Stop Being A Mason: Retrospective Program 1

How To Stop Being A Mason
Retrospective Program 1: Selected by Bryan Wendorf

Consumed Part 5
James Fotopoulos
16mm, 5 min., 2001, USA

“[The final part of] a quintet of films that explore the energy of sex, shifting appearances, shadow, and color. The filmmaker's intent, as with all of his films, is total realism through balancing chaos and control, to match the concrete of living in a human body with the inner abstract.” (JF)

Jim Finn
Video, 3 min., 2002, USA

“The gerbil has long been associated with New World capitalism because of its incessant energy. The Golden Age of Hollywood takes on the history and evolution of this delightful household pet." -International Film Festival Rotterdam

The Vyrotonin Decision
Matt McCormick
16mm, 7 min., 1999, USA

“A postmodern disaster epic composed of 36 appropriated television commercials from 1971. The Vyrontonin Decision mocks the formula of current Hollywood blockbusters while reinventing some of television's most embarrassing moments.” (MM)

Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolly
16mm on Video, 10 min., 2002, USA

“Burn is a stunning evocation of those unspoken,unconfronted somethings, those secrets, worries, and lies, forming a force which is always a part of the fabric of everyday interactions; at first niggling at the edges, then – provoked by a word or a gesture – suddenly searing through everything and everyone in its path.” -Belinda McKeon, The Irish Times

The Stairway at St. Paul's
Jeroen Offerman
Video, 9 min., 2004, Netherlands

“My piece is based on the hysteria that surrounded certain music recordings of the 1960s and 70s. Some rock bands, like the Beatles, Judas Priest, and Led Zeppelin, were supposed to have put hidden messages in their records that could only be heard when played backward. These messages would subconsciously be picked up by the listener who would then react in response to them." (JO)

The Fabulous Stains: Behind The Movie
Sam Green and Sarah Jacobson
Video, 12 min. 1999, USA

"A savvy excavation of an early-80s rock movie (almost) lost to obscurity. Sam and Sarah's tribute revisits the checkered film history of a clumsy, cursed Hollywood effort, The  Fabulous Stains, to capitalize on the rising visibility of girl power in the punk movement. Mixing a cast of teenage innocents (including 14-year-old Diane Lane) with a motley crew of drug-addled metal, glam, and punk rockers (including members of the Tubes, Clash, and Sex Pistols), Lou Adler's finished feature was initially shelved by Paramount after chilly previews. A decade later, it was rediscovered and accorded cult status by a younger generation of riot grrls inspired – and amused – by accidental exposure on late-night cable-TV. - Other Cinema

Guided By Voices
Stom Sogo
super-8 on Video, 10 min., 2000, USA

An intensely pulsating melange of color, image, and sound.
“This kid searches and what he always wants to feel doesn't come. Oh well, shake it then.” (SS)

The Moschops
Jim Trainor
16mm, 13 min, 2000, USA

“The first motion picture set entirely in the Permian era. The Moschops had thick skulls and short hind legs. Scientists believe the Moschops were capable of interior tenderness, which it expressed, ironically through incessant fighting.” (JT)

Swinger's Serenade
Danny Plotinick
16mm, 24 min., 1999, USA

“A tawdry tale of suburban sexual malaise plus a lesson in arcane film history rolled into one sin-tillating package!” (DP)



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