Shorts Program 1: "Spectrum"- Talking About Things

Shorts Program 1: "Spectrum"- Talking About Things

"Spectrum"- Talking About Things

Eleven Forty Seven
Marika Borgeson
Video, 12 min., 2012, USA

“Granite, metal, conifers, glass, and K-spar crystals.” (MB)

Kevin Jerome Everson
Video, 7 min., 2013, USA

"Stone is getting his hustle on, often and early. A lot of talk, a lot of action...” (KJE)

Waves of Grain
Keith Skretch
Video, 2 min, 2012, USA

“To create this strata-cut animation, a block of wood was planed down one layer at a time and photographed at each pass. The painstaking process revealed a hidden life and motion in the seemingly static grain of the wood, even as the wood itself was reduced to a mound of sawdust.” (KS)

Gold Party
Nellie Kluz
Video, 17 min., 2012. USA

“Gold is a commodity that thrives in uncertain economic climates, and rising gold prices have created a boom industry around precious metal scrap. There's a harvest every day as scrap dealers comb through excess metal from flusher times, buying up discarded gold to resell to refineries. Watching as these dealers buy and process gold, this documentary is a window into one small corner of a global economic market.” (NK)

Salt Lines
Cade Bursell
35mm on Video, 5 min., 2012, USA

“A salt line cycle, hand salted and painted 35mm film leader meant to bring to mind the process of salt extraction and the hard repetitive labor of those who bring us this commodity.” (CB)

10-19 Return to Base
Cameron Gibson
Video, 18 min., 2012, USA

“Media conglomerates have the means to transform major historical events into adulterated axioms – which turns out to be really confusing on a familial level.  A response to History Channel mini-series Vietnam in HD, 10-19 Return to Base is a personal documentary that looks for empathy in representational cliches.” (CG)

Douglas Urbank
16mm, 5 min., 2012, USA

“Handmade 16 mm film incorporating scans of century-old photographs of unidentified ancestors of mine from a box my sister found after our mother died. I adhered their images to leader film, cutting and blending their features together, creating manual dissolves and adding color, patterns, and bits of text from old letters. The film is an exploration of physiognomy, gender, and the mystery of inherited identity.” (DU)

Memorial Land
Bill Brown
Video, 28 min., 2012, USA

“In the decade since the events of 9/11/2001, the United States has been engaged in a national act of memorial making. Some of these 9/11 memorials are contested sites, where conflicting visions and voices clash. But most are quiet and deeply personal. This short nonfiction film examines some of these memorials, and the reasons why seven people made the unlikely decision to build them.” (BB)



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