CUFF Opening Night: Recoder/Gibson/Block

CUFF Opening Night: Recoder/Gibson/Block

Chicago Premiere!
Sandra Gibson, Luis Recoder, Olivia Block
Double 16mm projector performance with live audio
50 min., 2008-2012, USA

During the first half of the performance, the projectors are “filmless”: their white light seems to move purely via the refracting medium of a glass plane fogged via a humidification system; In the second half, minimalist monochromatic film loops are introduced, first on one projector, then on the other projector. The planular drift of the projected frame alters its course, bending here, diffracting there – keystoning its way through the darkness of a cinematic abyss.

Sandra Gibson, Luis Recoder, and Olivia Block have been collaborating as expanded cinema artists since 2007. In 2008, their limited edition DVD Untitled was released on the independent SoS Editions label. In 2009, Sundance Film Festival featured the world premiere of Untitled as a work for high-definition digital projection. Live 16mm projector performances of Untitled in 2009-2012 include the TATE Modern in London, Redcat in Los Angeles, Ballroom Marfa in Texas, and Morra Foundation in Naples, Italy.

“In their collaborative film performances, Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder employ simple mechanical means to hypnotically elaborate ends. 16mm loops, spray bottles, colored gels, unfocused lenses and hand-shadows combine, through rehearsed recipes, into slowly mutating light-sculptures: morphing color-fields, angel-white auras, fusing penumbrae, pulsing vertical lines. Built upon occulted rhythms of film projection, their work retains a personal, human scale, even as the viewer succumbs to its transportive powers. Their performances melt the projector’s machine materialism into ethereal experiences.” – Ed Halter, Live Cinema: A Contemporary Reader

“Recoder and Gibson's approach to cinema hews closer to Plato's shadows than it does to the hyper-digital everything we can't seem to escape anymore. It's streaming cinema of a very different kind." - Patrick Friel, Cine-File

Jesse Malmed
Video, 18 min., 2012, USA, World Premiere

“Reading as writing, a romp through meaning-making and diffuse divination. The clouds hold secrets. Tuli Kupferberg is not the beluga, but the beluga sings human. Charles Bernstein. The world is a word is a world. Cloud covers.” (JM)



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