This Must Be The Band

This Must be the Band is a Talking Heads Tribute Band; we only play Talking Heads music, and, if possible, 3 to 4 hours at a time.

Since forming in May 2007, TMBTB has been Burning Down The House throughout Chicago and the entire midwest. With a rapidly expanding repertoire from the Talking Heads' catalog of countless hits, TMBTB highlights the best of the Talking Heads, equipped with our very own Bernie Worrell, Adrian Belew, Lynn Mabry, and Ednah Holt.

Cealed Kasket

Cealed Kasket's live show is a frenetic medieval horror opera set in the dark ages, a presentation of barbaric hedonistic rock and roll so powerful it would reduce Alice Cooper to prison rape bait. The Onion called it " Over-the-top mock-metal played with enough death-rock affectation to make Marilyn Manson look like the master of subtlety." Equal parts comedy and tragedy, their rabid fan base comes not only for the music but for the theatrical experience-to be a warrior, to be a part of the battle, to join their heroes onstage with swords raised and blood boiling. Drinking contests, shouting matches, special effects, knights, wenches and backstage sluttin maximize audience participation. Special Effects by Bad Dog Efx ( LucasFilm Ltd/ 20Th Century Fox / Universal Pictures), and medieval set design by David Krause (Red Moon Theatre) set the tone for onstage dragon slaying debauchery as the crowds roar aids the band in pulling the proverbial and literal sword from the stone.
Led by the self-proclaimed Jesus Christ of Heavy Metal, vocalist Mortal Death has assembled a rag-tag group of supernaturals dedicated to the glory of classic metal, swords and sorcery. Sir Sarsicus, the 500-year-old wizard, works his guitar magic from castle towers and has been known to grow to extreme heights before the crowds' very eyes. Bassist and diamond baron Maurice Pearlman can out-whiskey the largest senator, and drummer extraordinaire Scott Jackson is satiated only by fast cars, white leather, titty-cams and free party favors. The band is kept in line by the Soul Collector, the hype man and manager with a penchant for dancing, "gangsta shit", and stealing the spirits of the youth.
The self titled debut album Cealed Kasket was recorded and mixed during a 5-day schnapps binge at legendary Gravity Studios by producer Manny Sanchez (Zwan, Umphreys McGee, The Von Bondies, Rod Stewart). Emmie Magazine states "Cealed Kaskets lurid songcraft instills the utmost vigor into the surging, fetid masses." The album represents an ambitious masterpiece of nostalgic power metal and medieval fuckerey-a drunken toast to the Old Wave of British Heavy Metal.


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