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We Still Believe.

DISCOVERY emerged from a few friends who wanted to create a home for good music. We love bringing the legends who've inspired us from our first descent into dance music, and we also love showcasing the next generation shining through the underground and weird (hot)pockets of awesome across the world.

Big and small, our aim is to book amazing talent who through music command a chariot of serious vibes.

Detroit Swindle (Live)

Detroit Swindle consist of Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets, 2 guys that, without actually growing up together, have had practically an identical musical upbringing. A vibrant mix of Motown-soul, funk, hiphop and jazz inspired them from an early age on and after a varied exploration through techno and house, they met each other by mutual interest in Detroit inspired deephouse.

Detroit Swindle have a clear vision on the music they produce and play. If you can’t nod your head to it, it’s probably not theirs and they probably won’t like it. Their productions are best described as contemporary interpretations of classic soul tracks with melodical grooves, jazzy chords and bumpy bass-lines. So in short, if Marvin Gaye would have made house music, they would have been his biggest fans.

2012 is the year of their first releases. With their ‘Starvin EP’ on Saints & Sonnets, they place themselves amongst highly acclaimed artists like Roman Flügel, Ethyl and Huxley. The second EP of 2012 dropped on Dirt Crew and got raving reviews and massive support from artists like Laurent Garnier, DJ Sneak, Eats Everything, Jimpster and many more. Together with the B.OST.ON EP, that was published by Murmur, they got an unheard of double 9.0 review in DJ Mag.

Late 2012 they solidified their starting success with an EP on the legendary Freerange imprint.

Already playing Live & DJ sets at mayor venues like Panorama Bar, Tresor and Zoo Project they have rapidly earned a solid spot in the international nightlife. Their upcoming work includes a follow up EP on Dirt Crew, remixes for Medlar, Homework , Deep Future, Zoo Look and more exciting stuff still in the pipeline.

Detroit Swindle are currently working on their 2013 release schedule and their live-show. For (DJ / LIVE) bookings or other inquiries, contact their bookers by email and be sure to follow them on their social media.

Dirt Crew Label Night

In the 7 years since the Dirt Crew’s inception they have mastered the art of mixing old school house, new school deep house and minimal funky techno … and then some! Along the way they’ve succeeded in unleashing a flurry of floor stompers that have got people preaching the good news in every town they touch down in.

The “Crew” are well known for an eclectic taste in vinyl material that can only come from true and honest propensity to party. They’ll often throw down sadly forgotten 80’s acid cuts and chuck some old-skool breakbeats on top, just for good measure. They seamlessly weave these elements into their signature sexy, dance floor friendly, beats with an electro-esque pulse that’s sure to keep the heat rising.

What reliably results are packed dance floors at every stop, with revelers gyrating unawares, to what might best be described as the “new” house … and neither them, nor their people would be likely to even mind us calling it that either! … Because it’s working!

By accessing source material that is unusual in its sonic purity, the Dirt Crew succeed in begging the question as to where one goes to be able to encounter such sounds less rarely. In so doing, they reliably remind their audiences just why it is that all the best things in life really do come from Europe.

Aside from a slew of production credits on such labels as Mood Music, Highgrade, Dirt Crew, Trapez and My Best Friend, and their hectic schedule of globe trotting, they’ve somehow also found time to launch and manage their very own imprint (Dirt Crew Recordings)! This period of prodigious productivity doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing either, as their inspiring and meteoric rise continues unabated.
Timeline :

2004 Dirt Crew aka James Flavour and Break 3000 released their first EP "Cleaning up the Ghetto Part I" on MBF (My Best Friend) and got respect from DJ/Producers like Trevor Jackson, Ata, Ivan Smagghe and Sasse. After the follow up release, "Cleaning Up The Ghetto II", the track "Rok Da House" and their remix for Naomi by M.A.N.D.Y. on MBF, everything begin to fall into place and the Dirt Crew began to receive worldwide recognition on the dancefloors. Around this time Moodmusic expressed interest in their music the result of which were two tracks on the label with "808 Lazerbeam" and "Darkside".

2005 their remix of Sasse "Soul sounds“ on Moodmusic was played by all the major DJs and is one of their strongest works so far. They also remixed the first single of the Who made who“ album on Gomma and artists like Jimpster, MANDY, Marc Romboy and Silicone Soul. In 2006 they did remixes for labels like Soma Rec., 2020 Vision, Crosstown rebels and Breastfed. 2007 they released their first artist album "Raw" which got really popular and had great reviews in all major magazines. In this album they changed their sound to house again which has always been the main influence in music.

2009 "Blow" their second album was released on Moodmusic. DJ MAG wrote: "An absolutely blistering collection of Chicago-influenced future house with more jack than you can shake a stick at".

2009 Dirt Cew Recordings turned 5 Years which they celebrated with a stunning compilation with artists like Till von Sein, Chopstick, Tigerskin, Dirt Crew, Jay Shepheard, Geiger and new talents like Mic Newman, Yosa, The Runners, Dekay + Eli Eidelman.

2011 They released their big 50th release "Deep Love 50" where they added lots of new faces to their Roster, the amazing Chymera with his big hit "Curl", The Tortoise, Soul Minority, Elef and soon Charlie Banks and Balcazar & Sordo will be turning up with outstanding releases.

They Keep Deep House compromises made!

with residents Free Magic & Faso

Resident at NYC's Discovery party and newly minted label, Discovery Recordings - Loves congas.

$10.00 - $15.00


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