Nails, Xibalba

Southern Californias’ Nails was formed in December 2007 by Todd Jones (ex-Terror) along with the help of Taylor Young (Cremetorium), and John Gianelli. Nails is beyond brutality. Filthy, vicious and raw. Imagine a cross between the good Amrep bands of the nineties (Helmet, Hammerhead, Today is The Day, Unsane) and Cro-Mags Age of Quarrel riffage played at breakneck speeds.


Xibalba is a Heavy Hardcore/Metal band from Pomona California. They are influenced by Disembodied, Morbid Angel, Martyr A.D., Santa Sangre, Bloodlet, Obituary, Crowbar, Unbroken, Earth Crisis, Downset, Overcast, and Sepultura.

Early Graves

EARLY GRAVES formed in the Bay Area in early 2008 and have since released two full lengths, both on Metal Blade Records' imprint, Iron Clad Recordings. The band's sound has been described as a mixture of old school Swedish death metal and American hardcore punk and have drawn comparisons to Napalm Death, Carcass, Tragedy and Testament among other.

King Nine

Long Island hardcore. Their 2011 demo has received a lot of attention. 90s style NYHC ala District 9 and Crown Of Thornz.

Cop Problem

Cop Problem fuse dbeat elements with an aggressive hardcore punk foundation. While being both fierce and catchy, this Philadelphia band is bound to make some waves soon enough.


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Nails, Xibalba with Early Graves, King Nine, Cop Problem

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