Satanic Goat Ritual, Manticore, Krieg, Crypter


Krieg has existed for close to 15 years and through continual experimentation and evolution still write and perform nihilistic black metal. Sole member Imperial has also been invovled in several noted collaborations and continues to work with his other projects N.i.l, Twilight and Apothecary.Sound.Lodge. Krieg's 6th full length record "The Isolationist" will be recorded in 2010. Krieg does not support any religious or political path. The Self is the only Reality.


Crypter is an unsigned, five-piece thrash metal band from Hudson, Massachusetts, formed in the summer of 2009. We combine an aggressive Teutonic thrash inspired sound with the Black Metal styled riffs that we love. In December of 2009 our demo Out of the Crypt was released. Crypter has a total of 10 songs that we are currently recording for our first album. We love playing shows and want to play as many as we can; our dream is to go on tour and hopefully start soon with the help of a label.


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