The Hsu-Nami, Ellis Ashbrook, Trebuchet, Viva Mayday

The Hsu-Nami

The Hsu-Nami. Integrates an amplified electric "erhu", a tweaked two-string spike fiddle used in Chinese classical and folk music, into a rock lineup. The band typically compose lengthy erhu melodic-based instrumental pieces that feature dynamic contrast, heavy guitar riffs, melodic bass guitar lines and trading solo. Part of the new-fusion rock movement, the Hsu-Nami redefines the 1960s and 1970s progressive fusion rock music. Hsu-Nami's music was featured in the 2008 Summer Olympic in Beijing.

Ellis Ashbrook

Ellis Ashbrook generates ferocious sounds and swarming vibrations. Swim in a psychedelic pool of aquatic delays. Be moved by a band that has rocked audiences all over the Northeast. Their songwriting reverberates beauty and heaviness with respect for the Funk and love of unique grooves. These players and singers have the prowess, technique, and tenacity to play original music that transcends trend.

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Rarely does a band's sound mirror its name so appropriately as Trebuchet. Much as this real-world instrument of destruction lofts deadly missiles into enemy defenses, the Sonoma-based foursome fires salvos of meandering melodies and intricate harmonies into the listener's ear that cause bedlam in the brain. From the bouncy strum of the ukulele to the determined, relentless thumping of the kick drum, from the wailing cry of the mandolin to the sudden, crisp four-part harmonies, and from the intense, sorrowful phrases to the perpetual, dulcet tones of the piano, Trebuchet's songs are sure to wash over you and leave a lasting impression. The sound is unique and particular, composed simply and totally for the sake of music, rather than the sake of the audience.

The foundation of the group resulted as much from mutual musical taste as it did from boredom and convenience. Three-fourths of Sonoma County's resident upstart post-rock ensemble Not To Reason Why (Paul & Lauren Haile, Navid Manoochehri) teamed up with Furlong front-man Eliott Whitehurst to walk an unfamiliar and wholly different path. While Trebuchet is still in its infancy, this inaugural effort showcases the depth and variety of their talent. It is a refreshing experience to listen to seven entire tracks of a complex but ultimately complimentary album, and yet be hopelessly unable to peg the "lead singer" or put into words the specific style of music.

If someone is ever able to coin a term that capably encompasses the breadth of their unique sound, and gives title to their genre, Trebuchet's next work will surely render the definition wholly inadequate.

Viva Mayday

After spending two weeks at Newkirk Studios in Brooklyn, Viva Mayday
had completed their first EP entitled 100 Years. Blending together a
variety of genres with heavy political undertones, 100 Years was
quickly accepted by a wide public, and lead to gigs at some of New
York Citys foremost venues. Sold out crowds at SOB's and Le Poisson
Rouge, motivated the band to begin what will soon become their first
full length album, entitled Consuela.

Jafe Paulino and Gian Stone, two multi-instrumentalist/songwriters who
make up Viva Mayday, spent the past year writing, recording,
producing, engineering and arranging "Consuela." Calling upon a
variety of influences, from Bob Marley to D'angelo, Muddy Waters to
Rage Against the Machine, Consuela weaves various genres into one
solid piece of art. Though the album has been over a year in the
making, its very well thought out and concentrated.

Throughout the recording process, Viva Mayday has been making much
noise around New York City, opening for Living Colour, Dead Prez,
Styles P, Earl Greyhound, M.O.P., The Family Stand, Das EFX, Bazaar
Royal, Saigon, and many more. Their live shows are creating a buzz and
have been discussed in publications such as The Source Magazine.
Consuela is likely to be released Summer 2011, followed by a college
tour and a continued monthly residency at SOB's.

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