Cotton Jones

The music of Cotton Jones speaks of transition: the passage from one form, state of mind, style or place to another. Songs become doorways to the past, or windows that open on some unnamed future, where innocence can still exist and perfection is thrown to the wind. Cotton Jones, as always, rests in arms of Nau and McGraw. "Tall Hours in the Glowstream,'" is the title of their new album. Some of the songs that made the final cut were tracked in northern States, while the majority were recorded and mixed in Winterville, Georgia, as a revolving cast of players, thinkers, and singers were invited to hang in the band's living-room studio. The resulting sounds are both rich and charmingly lo-fi, full of vivid imagery and more gorgeous vocal harmony.

$6.00 - $8.00


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Cotton Jones with SILVER THREAD TRIO

Tuesday, February 26 · 7:00 PM at Club Congress