Reggies SXSW Metal Competition

Craving fulfillment? Is your body thirsty for an unfiltered taste of Heavy Metal and Rock ‘N Roll? In need of a wake up that is like a kick in the teeth, to break up any of life’s monotony? Well Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls welcome to YOUR escape; welcome to HËSSLER!
Fueled by music to leave you feeling an overdose of adrenaline equivalent to a lightning strike, HËSSLER is an all out onslaught created to give the music world what it has been deprived of for far too long: live performances soaked in raw energy. HËSSLER is a heart pounding, blood pumping, over the top trip into an exhibition of carnage and excitement. This straight out of hell, natural disaster will deliver a show unprecedented and never replicated; a show that will melt you to the core and will bring the world of entertainment and music to its knees.


The band was started by guitarists Kevin and Eric in 2010 and they later recruited Brandon, Wade and Matt in 2011 to transform their ideas into a band. Our sound is a unique blend of death metal, hardcore and thrash that mold together to suit everyone’s liking. Our philosophy is simple: to make great music and excel at what we do while not taking ourselves too seriously. Thanks for checking us out. Please ‘Fan’ us and tell a few friends.


SCIENTIST is a metal/free jazz/post post metal/not-djent/post-rock/ post-punk freak out mostly instrumental band from chicago featuring ex members of fireisborn and other bands


Birthed of laser lights and glow sticks, relating stories of dark corners and past mistakes. A sense of danger surrounds Shotgun Zombie whose blend of electro-rock speaks of a night out that never ends. Guitar harmonies that sear like cinnamon whiskey, drums that pound like beer, and vocals like smooth Guiness, with a soundtrack of electronics as heavy as a night of regret. And that’s before the after party.

Formed in Chicago, Shotgun Zombie features Brian Rowe on vocals and production, Brian Sanchez on lead guitar, Marko Preradovic on rhythm guitar, and Zack Porter on drums. The music was born out of desire to bring talents together and tread new ground in genre blending, starting with one part metal riffs, one part double kick, one part wobbles and subs topped off with slick pop vocals. Influences ranging from tech-metal to R&B and jazz to dubstep, nothing is safe or sacred.

The fully awoken and screaming beast Of Wolves is Steve Sherwood (guitars/vox), Jon Kulpit (drums/back up screams) and Scott Cirksena (bass, backing vox). Steve a longtime old school DIY crossover Punk/Metalhead from many Chicago bands like IVC, THC, Chronic Jaywalker, Halftone, Hedspin. Steve became very frustrated with the the current evolution of heavier music types. Sick of seeing and hearing the "same ol shit" as he put it. He felt most music was trying to hard to be someone or everyone else instead of just being. All these bands trying to fit "the mold....or "cookie cutter" as he calls it. Why cant bands be heavy with out being fake? Or worse trying to sound like everyone else? Well he was ready! And he really needed the therapy! A heavy does of all forms of Punk & Metal. Its real and you can fell it. Even better you can see the release and the therapy this provides to the band and to their fans. After many drummers, heavy hitter Jon (ex Pervo, Crestfallen) gave the impact that was needed and after a Spinal Tap worth of bass players they finally found Scott (ex Flood, [omitted], A.S.S.).

With about three albums worth of material. These songs were written about various things that angered Steve over the years. Subjects that are direct relationship to a working class life. Everyday stress, disillusionment, social injustice. Anger. Politics, Religion. These songs are directly in touch with the world around us and have been waiting to be unleashed upon the masses to de-program and slap those still sleeping (the sheeple) wide awake with brutal force and honesty.

The full length CD is coming soon and the uniqueness of this band will be a refreshing change and an addictive new musical fix for all those who witness their fierce and straight forward approach and want something new and different.... slap in the face, a wake up call to the masses.

Black Actress blends a furious stage show with Fist pumpin', Fuel drivin', in your face Rock n' Roll! Fierce vocals, combined with slaying guitar solos, gut-punching drums, ball kicking bass, all with the sobriety of W.C. Fields. These lads sweat and bleed all that rock has to offer.



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Reggies SXSW Metal Competition with Hessler, THE BLANK STANDARD, Scientist, SHOTGUN ZOMBIE, Of Wolves, Black Actress

Saturday, February 2 · 8:00 PM at Reggies Rock Club