Moon Tower + Frank Bang

Moon Tower

Moon Tower is a Quintet Jamband combining local artists:

Zach Harrison (The Hipnecks), Ted Paletta (Reelfoot), Cy McConnell (Sunyfide), and Junior Garr (Z.A.P.). Their music could be described as a progressive / psychedelic rock with an infusion of ball smacking funk. Influenced styles come from artists Medeski Martin and Wood, Hiromi Uehara, Phish, Tony Royster Jr., Victor Wooten, and White Denim.

Whether it be alone and acoustic, amped up and
rocking with “The Secret Stash”, or playing guitar
and singing in the All Chicago Blues Band “Cook
County Kings”, Frank Bang is devoted to the music
of his youth. His heart is pure rock and roll, but his
soul screams the blues. Like Mike Bloomfield and
many more before him, it was the combination of
raw talent, hard work and devotion that earned him
respect, and a following, among blues loyalists.
Blues guitar master Buddy Guy chose Frank to play
blues guitar alongside him on his national and world
tours. When you hear him play you will understand

Now after 3 disc’s on his own label, Frank has
teamed up with Producer Manny Sanchez
(Umphrey’s McGee , Patrick Stump formerly of Fall
Out Boy ) at IV Labs Studio in Chicago. This long
time friendship brought true songs to life,creating a
full plate of Original Music. The new disc titled
“Double Dare” awaits an April 2013 release.

Nick Hopkins

Nick Hopkins was born in 1947 on South Padre Island to an ill-tempered Philippino father and an Irish mother with a hot streak and a penchant for the spirits. Shortly thereafter, his family moved to the Netherlands to avoid the IRS and several angry shoemakers. It was there that the young man grew to wealth and fame due to his incredible ability to stick silverware to his face, most notably his nose.

Sadly, all the success went to his head. He spent his countless riches on countless obsessions - fast cars, fast women (he himself being a rather quick man, if you catch my drift), fast watches and really slow turtles. He had hit rock bottom, which in the Netherlands is markedly below sea level and therefore even sadder than normal American rock bottom. The young Nick, shaken but strong, packed up and moved to Bentonville, Arkansas to find his fortunes.

There, he explored the vast coastline, busking from Greyhound station to Greyhound station, begging for change and prostituting himself for only the most reasonable fees. Eventually he settled on the small town of Jefferson City, Missouri. There he took a personal finance class at the local high school, worked night shifts at the YMCA replacing the chlorine cakes in the indoor pool, and grew into the directed, motivated young man he is today. His music grows from experience, and he hopes it shows.



MINORS: Please be prepared to pay a $2 surcharge at the door in addition to the purchase price of the ticket.

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Moon Tower + Frank Bang with Nick Hopkins

Thursday, February 7 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:30 PM at Rose Music Hall