Breathing Theory, ViliFi, Absoulute Convixtion, Luna's Lament

Breathing Theory

The origin of Breathing Theory began in 2008 originally as a three piece outfit, and a differently titled project. Cory Britt the guitarist/ vocalist, Weston Waters as the band's original drummer and Seth Messer as still current bassist. With the evolution of the band and dynamic development, the line up shifted to a four piece and then soon becoming a five member band. Welcoming an additional guitarist and new drummer, settling into the current line up, forming a sound of their own, and grew into a regional juggernaut. Opening for bands such as: 12 Stones, Flaw, Future Leaders of the World, Eye Empire, Sid Wilson of Slipknot, BobaFlex, Motograter, and Smile Empty Soul, Breathing Theory is proving to audiences everywhere their mainstream commercial appeal will reach the masses.

With the release of their single "Fireflies" in circulation on U.S. radio stations, XM satalitte radio, Music Choice and internet radio, Breathing Theory is gaining national momentum. Breathing Theory's first National tour began January of 2012 with great success.


ViliFi is a power rock trio from east central Florida, realized of passion and molded by fate. Singer guitarist, Shain Honkonen leads an expression of music to test the soul. With Chris Marshall on drums and Dylan Thomas on bass, the sound of ViliFi resonates the bones with a style of alternative rock molded to the intensity of progressive rock. With each musician a solo artist in their own rights, the collaboration of these three musical entities forms ViliFi into the band it is today. The inception of the band formed in 2008 with two former members backing Shain. Early on the band performed exclusively within the Central Florida area gaining a loyal following. The development of their individual skills over the many years playing the local scene has lead them to venture out and pursue greater opportunities. Over time ViliFi has graced the same stages as The Marshall Tucker Band, Saliva, 12 Stones, Authority Zero, Unwritten Law, Dead Letter Circus, Smile Empty Soul, The Supervillians and Eye Empire. Having performed on stages that include The Hard Rock Live, Florida Music Festival, Captain Hiram’s Concert Series and many others, the band has become adept at displaying their talent in front of large audiences. Throughout the development of ViliFi, previous bands members have pursued different musical interests. After the parting of ways, Dylan and Chris have since joined creating the formidable ViliFi of today.

Absoulute Convixtion

Corey Tossas - Lead Vocals
Daniel Ghent - Guitar/Background Vocals
Paul Fleuret - Drums
Ray Bacallao - Bass

Luna's Lament

A female-fronted metal group from Charlotte, NC.

$5.00 - $7.00


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Breathing Theory, ViliFi, Absoulute Convixtion, Luna's Lament

Tuesday, February 19 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Milestone Club