Chrissi Poland, Jen Jayden & The Greenstone, Emanuel Gibson, Star and The Sea, The Dedication

Chrissi Poland

It's the voice that will catch you first...
Combining soul, pop, rock, and beats to create a sound all her own, Chrissi Poland is an artist to most definitely check out. With captivating lyrics and melodies,woven between fierce yet vulnerable vocals, her music draws the listener in immediately. Originally from a small town in Southen Massachusetts, Chrissi now resides in NYC, when not on tour with pop/glam band Scissor Sisters. In addition, she tours and performs with Stax legend and soul pioneer Sam Moore of Sam & Dave. Chrissi Poland, as a songwriter, musician, and performer, brings true artistry to the music with every soulful note.

Jen Jayden & The Greenstone

GREENSTONE: A mineral or rock also known as pounamu, which is considered a prized treasure by the Maori culture. It is has been used as a symbol of peace and is highly valued because it is a stone that is hard to break down or break apart.

The ever-popular question..."What kinda music do you do or who do you sound like?"... Well I know most of us look for definitions or sign posts in life - so, with that in mind, in very fine print I'd have to acknowledge the humbling comparisons I get to Adele, Grace Potter, Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks...all of whom I'm truly grateful to be compared to. But I think I just sound like me... sometimes whispering, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes screaming. Always honest. I can play the guitar but you'll usually find me on piano and I sing and write from my soul, so I guess that means I'm soulful - lol.

From the age of four the piano was my little safety net I'd play and hide behind... until I was thrown center stage at college earning a music theatre degree. Out of college I was hired by Royal Caribbean (followed by Princess) cruiselines to be a headlining vocalist performing to houses of 1000-1500 people.

I guess you could say my first official effort at recording was with several friends and recorded live. It was called "Lost Along the Way" and in the summer of 2006, that indie album was spun on over 200 college radio stations in North America. I was stunned. So I kept at it.
In March of 2007 I relocated to LA and began working on my first produced EP called "Unpredictable" (released at the end of 2007). That EP garnered won several song-writing awards and features (VH1 song of the year award/ LA music award nomination, featured snowcap download, XM radio "radar report") and attracted a variety of label attention - none of which I decided to sign with at the time.

After taking a musical hiatus for a while to do some soul searching, repair a broken heart and find my laugh again (read: pull my shit together), I moved to Brooklyn to begin 2010 fresh. In the last days of summer 2011, prompted by friends, I finally began work on a new project. The tracks 'Home' and 'Firestorm' were recorded at RAD studios in Bushwick with the intent to eventually be released with a complete album...which is still in the works. Not long after those 2 tracks were recorded, I was asked to play a private NYC event for about 300 people. So I quickly recruited some very talented friends to play the gig and immediately momentum began to build. Since that first show as "Greenstone" back in November '11, it's just been about writing new material, testing it out in front of packed houses in the city, laughing lots and following my heart...

If you get a chance, come to a show and have fun with us.

Emanuel Gibson is an American singer-songwriter, acoustic, folk rock and blues musician who has been performing in support of his recently released EP, Lover's Lane, a record that has garnered raves. Produced by Kevin Andreas, Lover's Lane includes contributions from several esteemed musicians. Although it has been a task juggling his music with his career, Gibson continued performing alongside local artists, soaking in the live music scene that was flourishing in his hometown of New York City.

After several ventures to Los Angeles, CA, where he, independently played at popular venues. Missing the aggression and persistence of New York and soon headed back. Upon his return he began playing at more folk-rock venues where he met artists who informally introduced him to this particular style of play. Gibson fell in love with the sound so he therefore sought to develop a new sound and style of play. Gibson spent months developing a sound that he felt he could enjoy playing. He credits his major musical influences to Bob Dylan, George Harisson and Jimi Hendrix. Despite the music being an influence, the most impactful influence on Gibson's music has been Edgar Allan Poe.

Star and The Sea

Star and the Sea is the project of 21 year old Indie-Pop songstress Dominique Star. A self-described old soul with a young heart, her songwriting is inspired by Shakespeare, bad decisions, and the opposite of Taylor Swift. Their sound combines the edgy vocals of Fiona Apple and Bat for Lashes with the jazz and soul inspired pop of Kimbra and Florence + the Machine.

The Dedication

Hey everyone, we are The Dedication and we want to thank you for checking out our Facebook fan page! We're an Pop Rock/Acoustic Six piece band formed in the early summer of 2011 from New Windsor, New York. Each of us has strong musical talent that helps us to excel at what we do, whether its singing our hearts out or slapping the bass. We write all our own originals and also do some covers from our favorite artists. We love playing our music for you and we hope you like what you hear. We hope to see you at a show sometime in the near future!

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Chrissi Poland, Jen Jayden & The Greenstone, Emanuel Gibson, Star and The Sea, The Dedication

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