Paper Route

Paper Route released their second full length record "The Peace of Wild Things" on September 11, 2012. It reached #8 on Billboard's Heat Seeker's Chart. After 4 years on Universal Records and hundreds of shows supporting their debut album "Absence," Paper Route decided to release "The Peace of Wild Things" independently. With a fresh new approach to their sound, the band is dedicated to bringing their larger-than-life songs all across the U.S. and abroad.

"Absence" sent them on the road for the next two years touring with the likes of Paramore, Phantom Planet, mewithoutyou, Passion Pit, and Copeland. It also earned them several spots in films such as "500 Days of Summer" and TV shows like "One Tree Hill," "C.S.I. NY," "The World of Jenks," and many more.

Sugar Glyder

Charlotte, NC surely has something to call their own in SUGAR GLYDER – a dynamic blend of pop, ambience, and grit. Some instant question marks might cross one’s mind, the first being – WHAT IS A SUGAR GLYDER? The answer: a primarily nocturnal marsupial with a pungent odor and bizarre noise habits; somewhat fitting for a rock band touring the country in a van. All joking aside, the real truth behind the name lies in its longevity and survival. Sugar gliders maintain the ability to glide for incredibly long distances with their legs stretched, giving them a true advantage over the world at large. The real-life human SUGAR GLYDER – Daniel Howie, Chris Rigo, Robby Hartis and Bobby Mathews – share this life-advantage in their truly charismatic debut album The Eyes: They See (TETS), produced by none other than Steven Haigler (The Pixies, Brand New, As Tall As Lions).

Breakthrough Frequencies

Breakthrough Frequencies is a 3-piece indie/post-punk band from CT. They are currently in hiding, working on their first full length album, due later this year.

Most recently the band released the song 'Glaciers' on a 7" split entitled 'In Blankets'. CT Indie describes it as having "guitars absolutely drenched in reverb", as well as "extremely proggy blasts of viscous distortion and bellowing vocals". Most people just drunkenly compare them to Brand New or Balance and Composure after shows. That's cool too.

You can download 'In Blankets' (as well as their first two EPs) for free on Bandcamp, or pick it up on vinyl (/250) at a show.

Head with Wings

The sudden appearance of Head with Wings within their geographical area, ironically resembles something of a “falling from the sky” phenomenon.

Four gentlemen, born and raised on a diet of anthemic 90’s rock and artistic British gloom, seemingly came out of nowhere in 2012 to very quickly prove themselves as one of the most exciting and forward-thinking alternative music outlets in their region.

It has never been a simple task, marrying emotional weight, sophistication, accessibility, and hunger for innovation in one’s art form—and Head with Wings do not scramble to rise to this challenge—it just happens.

Dark and thoughtful enough to earn the approval of the most self-righteous music fanatics, but universal and heartfelt in a way that renders genre constriction meaningless—Head with Wings could appeal to anyone with a set of ears and an open mind.

Worlds apart from the trends of the moment, and defiantly unique on even a world stage, the quartet brings their engrossing sound to life in a way that is unmissable on their debut EP, Living with the Loss.

The four tracks comprising the short, but poignant work, produced by rising New Haven-area production talent, Frank Sacramone, capture a band, hardly a year into their existence, standing atop their own creative island…and the view is stunning.


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**Paper Route has cancelled due to sickness. The show will go on with Sugar Glyder, Breakthrough Frequencies and Head With Wings. Refunds available from point of purchase until Tuesday, May 28th at Noon**

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Paper Route with Sugar Glyder, Breakthrough Frequencies, Head with Wings

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