The Quiet Ones

The Quiet Ones

"It's difficult, nay, impossible not to think that some of the Quiet Ones' songs are really long lost and unpolished first takes from Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot recording sessions—gems that were maybe beloved by Jeff Tweedy, but with their slightly noisier spine didn't completely fit in with the gentle flow of the highly revered record. Singer John Totten carefully delivers his words with the same mix of worn-down heartbreak and singing-will-save-me optimism that one can hear in Tweedy's voice, and their bright and slightly distorted indie rock by way of catchy pop sounds like it was created with as much care as any months-long visit in the studio, but the punk rock side of them won out in the end, causing them to bare their hearts in the less-than-perfect basement instead." Megan Seling, The Stranger

Marty Marquis

Marty Marquis is a musician and songwriter best known for his work as a multi-instrumentalist and hype man with Portland band Blitzen Trapper. Despite never being released as a proper studio recording, live renditions of his song "Jericho" have long been favorites among Blitzen fans the world over. Additionally, his cowbell-playing for the group has been heralded as "virtuosic."

A fifth-generation Northwesterner, Marquis took up hitch-hiking while still a teen and drifted around America for several years before finding himself in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. It was here that he met fellow sojourner Eric Earley, and the two began a friendship that included entertaining dorm-mates with Neil Young covers and camping out together in haunted forests.

By late 1999, Marquis, Earley, and the rest of Blitzen Trapper had gathered in Portland, and the band was formed in early 2000. Initially called Garmonbozia (after a line in David Lynch's Fire, Walk With Me), the group established its indie bona fides with years of playing around town to essentially empty rooms for no pay and only minimal, extremely local varieties of glory.

After being spurned by more than a few record labels, Blitzen Trapper decided to self-release 2007's critically-acclaimed Wild Mountain Nation. It was then that Marquis revealed his talents as an entrepreneur, and along with early BT champion Matt Wright established the group's own label and built up the business that has since sustained the band. Marquis has since performed with Blitzen not only on late-night television and massive festival stages, but also in some of the most squalid dives in North America.

Marquis' solo work is marked by a predilection for fingerstyle acoustic guitar and historical/mythical themes. "Jed Smith, 1827" for example, retells the legendary explorer's first overland visit to California in the form of a heat- and thirst-induced hallucination. "The Son of Thunder Remembers" gets inside the head of John the Apostle as he watches his best friend betrayed and executed. Recently Marquis has begun employing foot-pedals to add counterpoint and synth-bass to his performances.

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