El Ten Eleven

El Ten Eleven is a Los Angeles-based instrumental indie rock duo consisting of Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty. They officially formed in 2003, but Dunn and Fogarty have been working together musically for years in bands such as The Softlightes (first American band signed to Australia's Modular label) and The Incredible Moses Leroy.
The densely textured, atmospheric instrumental sounds of their first two full-length albums (the self-titled debut El Ten Eleven and their follow-up Every Direction Is North) have been praised alongside the work of such post-rock elite as Tortoise, Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai and Sigur Rós. With their third album, These Promises Are Being Videotaped, the duo took a leap in a new musical direction. "I just became obsessed with electro music," Dunn explains. "I'd been going to a lot of DJ events and listening to music by artists like Boys Noize, Justice, and Digitalism. A lot of that music is really digital and created on computers. It was challenging for us to try to create that style of music live with real instruments and looping pedals. There aren't many bands doing it."
The end result, while in the vein of their aforementioned post-rock brethren, is more akin to the work of their contemporaries who are really pushing the dance-rock envelope such as Ratatat and Soulwax. But what really separates El Ten Eleven from their musical peers is that they are only two musicians on stage creating pounding landscapes of sound with no laptops or sequencers.
Kristian Dunn switches off (sometimes mid-song) between a double-neck bass/guitar, and a fretless bass, while his feet dance on an extensive floorboard of looping devices and effects pedals. He plays everything live, loops himself and juggles all of the layers of tracks on top of each other. Drummer Tim Fogarty switches between traditional acoustic drums, roto toms and electronic drum-pads, usually within each song. To add to the insanity, Fogarty will occasionally loop himself as well.
This is a duo of road-warriors who have built up their fan-base the old fashioned way: by getting out on the road and touring their asses off. They have looped around America more times than they can remember and at each show, new members of the El Ten Eleven faithful are conceived.

Growing up in both NY and Miami, Michna (real name: Adrian Michna) is that unique breed of artist that draws from both the urban and the tropical. As a youngster, Adrian started DJing parties with cassettes and playing trombone in a band on the NYC bar circuit including the infamous Lion's Den and CBGB's.

After moving to Miami in the mid-90's, he co-founded the pioneering Secret Frequency Crew, who deftly mixed instrumental hip-hop and electronic into a coherent whole. Their appropriately titled 12" "Miami Eyes," became an underground hit and caught the attention of a then-unknown Diplo who would ask him for production work. SFC's debut LP "Forest of the Echo Downs" also put Adrian on Ghostly's radar as it was one of label founder Sam Valenti IV's top LPs in 2004.

Currently based in Brooklyn NY, Adrian Michna (aka DJ Egg Foo Young) has become a staple in the NYC club scene, known for his chameleon like abilities. Outside of the club, he has been able to pursue a few hobbies such as building furniture, bicycles, photography, skeeball, and gloss lustre collages. While working on his solo album, he also found time to remix the mysterious Jandek (the only artist ever to do so) and produce on Brazilian group Bonde Do Role's debut LP for Domino/Mad Decent.

It seems Adrian has found his stride as a solo artist, bringing together his myriad influences into a succinct sonic personage. His debut LP "Magic Monday" and the elevating single "Triple Chrome Dipped" are works of distinction and taste, getting asses on the floor in style.

Nude Pop

NUDE POP is a band from Spokane, Washington. Formerly called NUDE, they are the 2012 winners of EMP's "Sound Off!" competition. They will be recording and releasing their debut EP this March.

"Within their transformative and invigorating mass of swirling sound, this quartet enfolds the listener in a profoundly intimate experience... we dare you not to feel anything." - Experience Music Project Soundboard



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El Ten Eleven with Michna, Nude Pop

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