Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus carves themselves a niche sound of its own with sometimes silly, often genuinely heartfelt lyrics coupled with compelling composition and explosive instrumentation. The music created by this five piece band from Grand Rapids, Michigan is progressively diverse, often switching between genres throughout the course of a show, sometimes even through the duration of a song. Their live shows have become an avenue for the band to build upon the core of their songs, exploring new ground, creating tension and taking risks for those moments of pure musical ecstacy, giving fans an original experience within every show.

Miller Creek

Miller Creek is Missoula, Montana’s musical sensation, continually packing every venue they play with their unique blend of rock, jam, electronic, and a bit of down home country. The band has toured extensively over the past few years developing a following and consistently drawing large crowds regardless of where they perform throughout the northwest.

Miller Creek thrives on spontaneity and inspires electric excitement and elation. The band prides itself on producing a unique performance each and every show. Their vast musical repertoire is dynamic and ever expanding. Miller Creek’s dedicated fan base (the Creek Freaks) constantly follows the band on their extensive tours, hungry with anticipation to experience what surprises will inevitably ensue at their next show.

When home from the road, Mike Simmons (guitar, vocals), Tom Massie (bass), Ryan "Shmedly" Maynes (keys, vocals) and Paul Jones (drums) rehearse tirelessly in an effort to provide only the utmost quality musicianship when they hit the road. “We must remain on our toes, keep moving forward, and keep writing. That’s what makes us happy…satisfaction trough exploration and learning everything we can. That’s what drives us." –Simmons

Recently, Miller Creek has been working in the recording studio and is proud to announce the release of their first full-length album, which will available in early 2010.

Missoula’s hometown favorite, Miller Creek has headlined the Love Your Mother Earth Festival and Babbfest for multiple consecutive years.

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