The Blue Ribbon Healers, The New Red Lights, Alex Kastanas, Radar's Clowns of Sedation

The Blue Ribbon Healers

After a two-month long westward adventure and a full season in enchanting San Francisco, The Blue Ribbon Healers have a whole new batch of stories to share and songs to play for old friends and new. Their brand of saloon-style old-time jazz includes a powerful mix of originals and standards cultivated from the endless pages of the Americana songbook. Finely tuned harmonies and ripping solos distinguish Rob and Cindy's well-cared-for sound, but if they are defined by anything, it is their desire to spread good times as rampantly as...well, you can draw your own dirty analogy.

The band formed in February of '09 on the Florida Panhandle and spent the spring and summer working feverishly to build their repertoire and refine their sound, capping off the season with a packed performance at the historic Martin Theatre in Panama City. The show was recorded for a local radio broadcast, and the band released a live album of the show shortly thereafter which has sold over 1,000 copies to date, all of them hand-produced and distributed strictly at venue and street performances.

Rob and Cindy left Florida just after Labor Day for New Orleans, where they spent the fall devouring a meaty plate of traditional and old-time jazz. They started busking together on Royal Street during the day and Frenchmen at night, collaborating with other phenomenal street musicians and travelers to create some really magical outpourings of raw, unfiltered folk music.

The next stop was Asheville, where a blustery January inspired several cozy, hot cocoa drinkin Sunday nights at a gourmet chocolate lounge and a snowed-in show in the fairy-tale forest at Warren Wilson College just outside of town. February came quickly, though, and it was back to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras with some rollicking Cajun tunes. Then Rob and Cindy returned to the Panhandle, joined up with Marcus (drums) and Chris (electric bass) and played a full spring schedule, including two major string band festivals in Florida and Alabama where they played for crowds of 1500 and opened up for Crooked Still and Sam Bush.

June 7 marked the departure date from the east coast, and Rob and Cindy hit the road again, stopping in New Orleans for a 10-day stay and two big shows at the Hi-Ho Lounge (with Debauche and Sweet Street Symphony) and Mimi's in the Marigny. The next month belonged to Austin TX, where Rob and Cindy played 14 shows in 30 days, made friends with some really talented musicians and tattoo artists, and were featured on Dennis Campa's Adventures in Sound radio show on KOOP. They left Austin on July 17 and spent the rest of the month hiking the Colorado mountains and playing all around the state, graced with the world-class banjo skills of an old friend of Rob's from Montgomery. A two-day drive across the buttes and peaks of Utah and Nevada brings us up to date with the travelogue, and Rob and Cindy are looking forward to the wide-open world of community and opportunity that San Francisco so happily provides to its people.

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The New Red Lights

We are a Charlotte North Carolina based Blues,Jazz,& Swing Band. A sound to expect from us is a new school New Orleans Jazz group. Come have some fun with us, and lets give Charlotte something NEW!

Alex Kastanas

singer/songwriter/guitarist Alex Kastanas of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Radar's Clowns of Sedation

"So many people who claim to write blues music these days are writing quaint odes to yesteryear that couldn’t ruffle a feather with the help of a strong breeze. So it’s refreshing to hear Pete Pawsey come along with his new band line up, Radar’s Clown’s of Sedation, and a set of songs that are rude, socially unacceptable, and even a little seditious. YES. This is the blues kids used to sneak away from their parents to hear. This is the blues that used to get banned from the radio. This is is the blues said the things that god folk didn’t have the guts to hear."

$5.00 - $7.00


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The Blue Ribbon Healers, The New Red Lights, Alex Kastanas, Radar's Clowns of Sedation

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