They've been compared to Tool, A Perfect Circle, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, but never Englebert Humperdink. Maybe they're just not applying themselves.

Sunshine Superman

Catchy tunes, snarky lyrics, innovative pop.

Bite Size Giant

The members of Bite Size Giant met while attending West Chester University. They have mainly been influenced by alternative, classic, and progressive rock, grunge, hip hop, indie, industrial, pop-punk, and experimental artists. The band’s singer and guitarist, Tristan Kaupas, has been studying music theory for several years and attempts to apply his knowledge of classical composition in modern ways through his songwriting. The band is set on balancing intellectual thought with instinctual feeling in music, creating something that is smart yet accessible.

Wired To Fly

Original Music from Philadelphia.



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North Star Bar


Vatic with Sunshine Superman, Bite Size Giant, Wired To Fly

Wednesday, December 19 · 8:00 PM at North Star Bar