INTRO NYC Showcase feat. Ty Millan, Scrilla, Black Dre, DMAR, Don Mykel and special guest Slayter

Ty Millan

“Ain’t nothing really easy , I’m constantly having to adapt and adjust to new bullsh*t” Ty Millan Tells interviewer. Everybody familiar with the coming from nothing story I’m just telling my side and on top of that it’s Ty M I Double L Millan(Milan) tell em get that right ! Focusing on growing while learning new things and unlearning bad habits , you could hear the pain , hunger , and confidence in every bar ,cadence, and melody . I just wanna do better than my last mistakes and get money and sh*t.

Scrilla has done a headlining show , also done shows with ynw melly , jay critch , a boogie , pnb rock , nle choppa , fetty wap etc

Allentown, Pennsylvania artist, Dre “Black Dre” Perry is an American rapper, song writer, producer, and performance artist. At the age of 13 years old, Black found his passion for music, officially recording music in 2016.
"Honestly, Tupac is who made me start doing music. At a young age I recognized the emotion and truth that he conveyed into his songs. Music is more than words to me. I want to create a platform where I can reach others such as myself, give back to the community, and be able to voice my opinion on social issues. That holds more meaning to me more than fame and wealth."
His first EP “Stories from Tilghman Street" was released June 23, 2017. After a strong debut project, Black returned with his sophomore project “Why Me?” On March 2, 2018 which debuted Black as a producer, producing 3 out of 9 tracks. Black's newest EP, "Maybe Next Year" was released July 26, 2019. All his projects were released on all major streaming platforms under his label GAWS Entertainment. With 3 major releases, 9 music videos, an A3C Festival performance, and a promotion deal with Vans, Black Dre aims to take his music career to the next level




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