And Lucky, Maya Lucia, S Raekwon

AND LUCKY is a brooklyn outfit centered around the impressionist songwriting of Nikolai Mishler.


The band consists of rotating members including Mishler, Alex Badura of Berkeley Arms, Tyler Kion, E.B. Hinnant of itsfripp, Jaylen Petinaud of Jelani Sei, Tyaela Nieves, Hanna White of Yeah Baby

budding from the suburbs of minneapolis, maya lucia grew up nurtured by the minneapolis music scene where artists like Prince and Bob Dylan were pivotal forces in establishing the midwest city's scene. attributing her passion for music to The Current radio station, she was driven by the influences she grew up listening to. lucia began her interest in song writing when she was 8 years old and began seriously honing in on her craft once she entered high school. �
lucia captures the raw emotions of the world around her through her music, artfully turning her adventurous, nostalgic, and romantic thoughts into poetry. describing her music as "genre-fluid," lucia attributes much of her influences to the places she’s lived and is currently based in los angeles, ca & boston, ma.

S. Raekwon was born out of the need to create something beautiful during a period that felt
colorless and transitory. Finding himself alone in a new city following graduation, Steven Raekwon
Reynolds embraced his new-found isolation, throwing himself into his music, the only goal to
create something both personal and beautiful.
Indeed, even the name of the project holds a great weight, the use of Steven’s middle-name
‘Raekwon’ an attempt to reclaim a part of himself he had previously tried to hide. “I have named
the project after my middle name, Raekwon,” Steven himself explains. “Growing up I suppressed
this name. I hid it from my friends and those I met. Being biracial and raised by a white single
mother, questions of identity consumed me as a child. They still do. And while much has changed
since then, I will forever be shaped by those feelings and experiences. I want to make songs that
are honest. Releasing them under my middle name seems to be the most honest thing I can do.”
Finding moments of clarity after passing through a personal storm, the first fruits of Steven’s labor
arrive in early 2020, his debut work released as part of Saddle Creek’s burgeoning 7” Document
series. Both loose in tone, but also immediately vivid, these introductory songs drift between
crystalline moments of beauty and something altogether more ambiguous; a complicated map of
self-acceptance and the desire to create, which linger long after their initial hearing.



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