The Opossums, Jus-Jah, Nesly K

The Opossums

just a couple of north america's only marsupial trying to play dead


Jus-Jah is an up and coming artist like no other. Born in Trinidad, now residing in Brooklyn, his style has evolved. Showing versatility in the few tracks he has released, Jah mixes elements of Pop, Hip-Hop, and Soca. Recently releasing his debut EP Life Is Rough, Jah sets his sights on releasing his debut album this Summer.

Nesly K is a rising pop-jazz vocalist, singer-songwriter and teaching artist based in NYC. Her performances encompass thoughtfully-curated set-lists, combining re-imagined covers and originals. Sometimes dreamy and sometimes sassy, Nesly K likes to sing anything: from undiscovered gentle tunes to well-known upbeat dance songs, she’ll surprise the audience. Regardless, she never hesitates to deliver the music she creates with overwhelming passion, yet building a down to earth vibe in the room.

Nesly K shows always get the audience going and leave them feeling inspired with her unique vocal timbre, catchy tunes and adorable dance moves! Accompanied by other seasoned musicians such as Natalie Fabian (keyboard) and Tim Charles Fehling (bass), this set is a must-see!

In the last decade, she’s been dazzling international audiences, performing in Italy, Spain, Israel, Denmark, Ireland, the USA, and in her home country, Turkey. After also making notable appearances in NYC, she is very excited for her Mercury Lounge debut, and to release sneak-peaks of her original songs from her first official, upcoming album!



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