Fansu, Xol Azul

FANSU started with two great friends and musicians from NJ, Gonzalo Santamaria (Vocalist / Guitarist) and Gelix Ramírez (Bass) aka Gil; at the end of 2015 With great aspirations and desire to leave a new brand in the Alternative Rock genre, Gonzalo and Gil undertook this new project together. After a couple of years of auditions and attempts to get the perfect chemistry and the remaining members to form an energetic band of 4, they end up integrating: Norberto Serrano (Guitarist) and Ramiro Moran (Drummer)

Fansu through these years has managed to position itself in the NY and NJ area as one of the most outstanding Alternative Rock bands, for its musical quality and versatility in the scenarios; opening and playing alongside great international figures of the Spanish Rock industry such as “MOLOTOV” from Mexico, “DR KRAPULA" from Colombia; "GONDWANA" from Argentina; "GALLO" (Ex- "Montenegro") from California; "CARAMELOS DE CIANURO" from Venezuela; "ENJAMBRE" from Mexico. And as musicians in the Tri-State area of the legendary Jaguares and Ex-Maná guitarist, Cesar "El Vampiro" Lopez.

Marrón is a Brooklyn based singer, songwriter, and producer.

$10 - $12


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