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At least one person in QWAM really loves the mall. Another is a devout follower of Smash Mouth. Three of them have eaten pierogies in Pittsburgh, one of them can't legally drive the van, and one's parents have seen them play more than than all the rest combined. They all truly care, though, and wish to share their aggressively joyous punk with you.

"If you were to attempt to trace the roots of Motherhood’s nearly unclassifiable sound, you’d no doubt end up with a scribbled mess spanning dozens of genres and subgenres and sub-subgenres that each contribute some defining characteristic to the group’s sonic lineage. There are no clear paths to follow and no easy pigeon holes to label what they do. That’s probably why they seem most comfortable being called Art Rock, a title that leaves all doors open, granting the Fredericton trio freedom to move wherever they please, whenever the please." - Grid City Magazine

"Dark like black boot mud" - Sappy Times

A trio of deep-thinkin’ rippers, New Brunswick’s Motherhood achieve one very rare and uncomplicated feat: they sound EXCITING on record and stage alike. Unlike so many awkward experiments by peers and ‘adventurous’ contemporary rock outfits, Motherhood’s music explodes with the kind of charm and exuberance you can’t just order. No, it’d take years of late nite couch-crumpled conversations, bathroom stall barfs and parking lot laughter to achieve the kind of chemistry these three exude. If we’re calling this art rock, it’s because, in 2019, commitment is a precious art indeed. And make no mistake, Motherhood is all about commitment.

Brydon Crain (guitar, vocals), Penelope Stevens (bass, keys, vocals) and Adam Sipkema (drums) have been linking arms and running into rock n’ roll oblivion repeatedly for the past eight years. Like cowpunk without the jadedness, dust rock without the drymouth; a thinkin’ people’s union for the fearless 21st.

NYC Shoegaze/Dreampop
Bad Bloom was once only a vision between Jay Trovato and Kate Rogers. The husband and wife duo decided it was time to maximize their time together as musicians.

The pair created demos in their small apartment in Queens, until they found drummer Rob Blatt and Kate’s friend and musical collaborator, Ryne Ziemba, to expand into a full line up.

Fusing Jay’s roots in distorted guitars and heavy influence with Kate’s dreamy, yet driving vocals, Bad Bloom enters a new wave of music some reference as Dream Grunge. Taking influence from The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and Ride, catchy vocals lay beautifully within distortion and fuzz that almost puts the listener in a daze, but brings them right back for more.



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