Dr Danny and the Patients, Conversing with Oceans, Catie Egan

Dr Danny and the Patients

On his debut full length Nothing But Love, Dr. Danny Ayala layers kaleidoscopic baroque funk over a foundation of unapologetic pop songwriting. A compelling amalgam of hook-focused 70s rock, ‘California Sound’ vocal builds, and precise, elegant musicianship, Nothing But Love is both immediately engaging and flush with intricate nuance.

Danny Ayala was born on Long Island, NY. He began his musical journey (somewhat against his will) when his grandmother enrolled him in piano lessons at the age of 6. When Ayala crossed paths with Brian and Michael D’Addario of The Lemon Twigs at an elementary school talent show his fate was sealed.

For the last 10 years they’ve been a musical family; Ayala is part of their live band, and the D’Addario's now make up the studio band for his Dr Danny project. Brian handles production and mixing duties. “One major blessing in my life is that they decided I was talented enough to be a live member of the Lemon Twigs” laughs Ayala. “Through years of touring and learning their complicated material I became the keyboard player and vocalist I am today.”

During this time Ayala had been working on his own material. When he found the courage to play it for the D’Addario’s they offered advice and assistance at once. The songs on Nothing ButLove were recorded at Ayala’s home in Long Island, The Lemon Twigs home in Long Island, and the University of Syracuse.

Thematically, the record covers Ayala’s life in High School, and the love he shared with a particular someone during that time. “I hope that people listen to this record and understand how personal I really get during it” says Ayala. “Even with the naïve lyrics of a 15-year-old in some of the tunes. I got everything I needed to off my chest and now I’m sharing it with the whole world. I hope that someone can relate. Even if it’s just 1 person. I’m DR DANNY and I may tour the word and be “cool” but I’m just another dude with another love story. #NOTHINGBUTLOVE”

Dr. Danny released a brand new single package on Dec 22 2019 titled “They Think They Know Me” featuring songs of his sophomore record “Power Moves” to be released in 2020. Feb 23 will be another release dates as he releases “We Can Be Friends” to the Mercury Lounge crowd and to the world.

Dr. Danny’s debut EP, Lay It On Me Straight, was released in June of 2017. The single “Fly Me Back In Time” was chosen as one of the “Top 50 of 2017” by NPR.

Conversing with Oceans

Conversing with Oceans is a Bronx-based indie rock project fronted by singer-songwriter Alex Bondarev. It is comprised of Chris Ragone on lead guitars, Danny Castro on drums, and John Endico on bass.

Bondarev’s narrative begins in Grozny, formerly of Russia, when the unrest of war led him and his family to immigrate first to India, and then to the Bronx. Having music as his anchor from an early age and as a self-taught musician, he started his first band (A Moment’s Worth) with his best friends from grammar school. Their brand of optimistic rock resonated with audiences as they made front page news of New York Press, won the College Battle of the Bands (alumni include Mike Posner & Local Natives), and received the Elfenworks Social Justice Award for their song “Dedicate.”

Bondarev describes his latest project Conversing with Oceans as an even more authentic version of his voice, combining a devotion to melody with his characteristically introspective lyrical style. CWO's first single led to a one-on-one showcase with Randy Jackson at SXSW and quickly followed with a global distribution deal with Sony's The Orchard. The debut EP "PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE." premiered on Atwood Magazine and featured a collaboration with the Grammy-nominated John Forté, who co-wrote and produced Fugees’ groundbreaking LP The Score.

The debut full-length album with producer-mixing engineer Nate Fox (Chance the Rapper / Francis and the Lights) will be available everywhere November 29th via The Orchard.

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