Chris Mardini

Chris Mardini describes himself as a “schemer, short of a dreamer, more of a sleeper” in the
angsty hypnotic, “Something’s Going On,” his introspective ode to the lack of motivation in
today’s youth culture. In person, Chris might tell you he’s just trying to make sense of what it
means to be a teenager. “There are so many people my age who feel like I do but don’t know
how to talk about it,” says the 17 year old alternative artist. I feel like I’ve been able to paint this
thing that’s descriptive of all those emotions.”
Born and raised in NYC’s west village, Chris’s sound is a byproduct of 90’s grunge, laced with
edgy indie-rock and a good dose of alternative hip-hop. His forthcoming EP reflects the urban
teenage world he lives in. Honest and uncensored, his lyrics delve into feelings of inadequacy,
social pressures, isolation, expectations of success, and confusing interpersonal relationships.
“You start to notice the older, seemingly ”superior” people that have set their lives up for
themselves. It’s intimidating”, he confesses. “It’s like they’ve somehow managed to solve all of
the same problems that a lot of younger people have with ease, and you don’t even know where
to begin.” Among much critical acclaim, Please Pass The Indie says, “A musical voice for his
generation, Chris perfectly captures what it feels like to search for personal motivation and
Performing in bands since he was 10 years old, as a teenager, his inspiration has been ignited
since hooking up in the studio with veteran producer Marc Swersky (Hilary Duff, Joe Cocker).
The sound was infused by musicians including keyboardist/programmer Alan Markley (Maggie
Rogers, Deva Mahal), guitarist Vin Landolfi (Demi Lovato, H.E.R., Jonas Brothers), drummer/
programmer Ateller (Janelle Kroll, Roy Ayers) and drummer/programmer Alex Agresti (Bay
Faction). The EP is mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons) with the exception
of “Throw”, mixed by Tony Black (Alicia Keys, Jay- Z.)
Chris concludes, “As an artist, the most important thing for me is to connect. A lot of times you
see people trying to change themselves in order to fit in with people that they consider “cool,”
and it’s a facade that’s often detectable. I hope people can walk away from my shows feeling
like we’re connected and like someone is with them. I want them to know that they’re not alone.”

Jackie Paladino

Born in New York and raised in central New Jersey, Jackie Paladino is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter whose voice has been compared to the likes of Corinne Bailey Rae, Billie Holiday, and Adele. She was introduced to the piano at the age of six, and developed her understanding of storytelling and performance through off-Broadway theatre, dance competitions, and musical vocational school. It wasn’t until Jackie returned to her birth state to attend the music theatre program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts that she discovered her true calling. “When everyone else was memorizing lines to songs and stories, I was writing my own stories through song, belting out the tunes of Ella Fitzgerald, Duffy, and Alicia Keys along the way.” Always an avid reader of poetry, she found herself delving deeply into the works of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, entranced by the precision and mystery of their word choice. As an artist, Ms. Paladino seeks to combine this sense of lyric perfectionism and her urgency to “mold the ugly into something beautiful” along with the power and soul of her favorite songstresses. She’s scheduled to release her single “You Gotta Be” this January and her debut EP shortly after.



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