Talulah Paisley, Razor Braids, Dolphin Pal

Talulah Paisley

"unselfconsciously whimsical or unapologetically earnest"
-The New York Times

"earnest, down-to-earth lyricism"
-The Deli

"...unique voice and her penchant for thinking outside the box when crafting melodies." -Bushwick Daily

Talulah Paisley is helmed by NYC-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Lyris Faron (dynamic frontwoman of feminist “rock’n’lol” band, T-Rextasy.) Faron’s “distinctive vocals” (Stereogum) honest, playful songwriting, and intimate bedroom recordings reference cult and anti-folk heroes such as Juan Wauters, The Moldy Peaches, Ariel Pink and early Frankie Cosmos.

Faron’s discography has been exclusively released on Bandcamp since 2014 in near-secrecy. It has unfolded in real time, as Faron instantly posts songs during the very period in which she is processing the real-life experiences that give way to them. Lyrically dealing with the spectacularly mundane to philosophical rumination, she may croon about snacks consumed on a commute in one breath to a state of disassociation in the next.

Talulah Paisley’s first 2017 record Did You Know Babies…? was created and released in a single evening from Faron’s childhood bathroom. A collection of vignettes banged out on a tinny nylon string acoustic, it was improvised from diary entries in single takes. 2018’s dance-punk esque second LP Talulah Paisley’s Baby and the Fuzz was recorded in a big, old, Ohioan house Faron lived in complete solitude in for a month. She taught herself “the high art of shredding,” synth and more intentional production techniques during its inception.

Talulah Paisley currently performs as a three piece with Victoria Guillem and Leo Frampton and are writing a third LP.

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