Last Night, Boyfriend Genes, New Rock City

Last Night

With highly stylized magnetism, Last Night blends modern rock with pure anthemic flare. Drawing on provocative lyrics, big synthesizer soundscapes, and ripping guitar leads, the groups 80s influences and pop sensibilities are noticeable, but never overstated. Instead, Farin Kautz, Alex Saris, Arnaldo Nunez and Ryan Peterson have created a sound all their own by keeping the creative process of producing, song writing, and engineering all in house. Rounding out the experience, Last Night is a group focused on the romantic sensations, aesthetics, and imagery that their songs produce.

Boyfriend Genes

Boyfriend Genes, is an American indie-pop duo from Brooklyn, NY, consisting of brothers Thomas and Travis Shaver. From a young age the brothers began to learn and play multiple instruments with the help of their fathers music store. After realizing they had a shared interest in music creation, they decided on a collaboration that personified their unique vision. The duo writes, records, and produces all of their music from their apartment studio. In 2019 the band developed an immersive live performance, consisting of custom visuals and lighting as a further extension of the music.

New Rock City has their own way of playing Rock n Roll and it's not easy to label their sound. That's exactly what they pretend you to think, don't label it, just listen to it. They evolve towards new different directions in every song. They have an enviable eclecticism in their songwriting and they know how to mix it well. The band put together touches of new wave, punk rock and arena rock to then go back to the rawness of rock n roll melted with moments of smoothness and dream-like pop melodies in the middle of chaotic and psychedelic breakdowns, plus that extra of bizarre textures and character coming from guitarist Kick's signature morse picking and crispy riffs, Tim Kuhl's deep and solid drum beats and Jem Warren's original bass lines mixed with the euphoria of the multi - faceted Rossano's voice which reminds you a young Grace Slick singing 'White Rabbit' at Woodstock. Think Pretenders meets Joan Jett in the mid 80's at Madison Square Garden or Billy Idol meets Patti Smith at CBGB's.

"These lionhearted spirits know how to carry the songs from the beginning to end. It’s so infectious and contagious where you’re immediately pumped up and slowly just become “drugged out" throughout the whole track giving you the anticipation for the next one. Not only they gain a profound amount of respect for their ability to stick to their style while giving you small moments of bubblegum pop, kick-ass inspirational vigor, and risky atmospheric haze." - Buzz Music L.A.

"New Rock City has a Kick Ass Rock n Roll Set...The crowd loves them!" - Waste Mag NY

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