The Aberdeen, Danny & Alex, Tucked In

The Aberdeen

Formed by a few college seniors in late 2017, The Aberdeen has spent the past year honing their brand of reverb-driven Alternative Rock. Lead by thoughtful, charged lyricism and backed by a tight rhythm section, The Aberdeen has a sound that seamlessly delineates rock subgenres to create songs that resonate with all listeners. Showcasing an energetic live act and with new music coming soon, The Aberdeen looks to build momentum in the NYC circuit in 2020.

Danny and Alex are a jazzy pop cocktail wrapped in a black turtleneck. Their silly lyrics and gargantuan hairdos have made them irresistible to the masses. They have released one EP and 5 singles, each creating a seismic shift in the direction of music as a whole.

Tucked In

Tucked In is an indie rock group based out of Brooklyn NY. They are currently working on their first EP, set to release in spring 2020.
Fueled by a southern born singer, the band brings a soulful groove with blues undertones and shore town vibes

$10 - $12


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