Hello Halo, The Telescreens, Moon Kissed

Hello Halo is an American rock band that produces songs influenced by an array of musical genres—from pop and hiphop to folk and j-rock. Their lyrics aim to inspire and provoke action or nurture curiosity, shifting from perceptive and cerebral to motivational and romantic. Founded in New York City in 2017, the group consists of Paul Nathaniel (Vocals), cousins Jon Bernstein (Guitar) and Jeremy Bernstein (Bass), Juan Pablo Pastor (Drums), and Chris Schortgen (Guitar). Their original drummer, Paul Adler, tragically took his own life in the Summer of 2019. Their debut album, Maybe This Can’t Wait is set to release in early 2020.

The Telescreens

The Telescreens are a 3-piece future band (4-piece live) consisting of Jackson Hamm (vocals, guitar), Josiah
Valerius (keys, synth) and Austin Brenner (bass, synth). They spent 2017-2018 playing shows throughout
New York and Los Angeles before locking themselves away to create their debut album. Titled “The Return”,
the project pushes the boundaries of modern music by combining the energy of Nirvana with the sonics of
Kanye West.

emily, khaya, and leah met at a new year’s party on the lower east side in new york city. their debut album, aptly named ‘i met my band at a new year’s party’, draws upon themes of youth, heartbreak, and the quiet power behind vulnerability. it features infectious hooks, virtuosic synth lines, and unique drum melodies. the producer, khaya, takes inspiration from acts like Chairlift, Charlie XCX, Grimes, and St. Vincent; and feels a deep connection to the soundscape she’s created for each of the songs.

this band is sheer, unadulterated energy. the connection between them is undeniable, and actually palpable in the air when they perform. since meeting on new year’s of 2019, they have played countless sweaty, intense shows all around Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the east coast. the purpose of their shows is to create a moment, to hone the magic that happens between audience and performer when music is going on. it is cathartic, exhilarating, and intimate. plus, leah falls in love with someone in the audience at every show, which adds an element of surprise.



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