CRAIC Fest feat. Ireland's Call with John Connors, Kneecap, Rebel Phoenix

Ireland's Call with John Connors

Irelands most talented actor comes to NYC on March 7 for his award winning show
Delivered in the cathartically honest style of a counselling session, John Connors’s monologue is as much stark parable as it is unvarnished portrait of life in economically marginalised Dublin.

Kneecap are two MCs, Móglaí Bap and Mo Chara, along with DJ Provaí, who have become an underground hit, earning praise from fellow rappers within the exhilarating Irish hip-hop scene
“IF you like the Rubberbandits you will LOVE Kneecap! – Rolling Stone Mag

Rebel Phoenix Dublin, Ireland. placeholder. Praised for his technical proficiency as well as his inspiring lyrics, Rebel Phoenix has earned respect from music fans across the board. At home rhyming over breakbeats, trap beats or atmospheric soundscapes, his diverse style knows no bounds.

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