Tredici Bacci, Godcaster, Eyes Of Love, Starla Online, Mr. Transylvania

New York-based 13-piece ensemble Tredici Bacci was formed by composer Simon Hanes in spring of 2013 as a vehicle to bring his unique musical vision to the stage, and to seduce the ears and minds of the northeast underground music scene. The instrumentation of female vocals, string quartet, horns, accordion and rhythm section is specifically designed to capture the musical qualities of Hanes’ initial inspiration – the music of italian films from the 1960s-70s. From giallo to spaghetti-western, Morricone to Rota to Cipriani, Hanes has made it his duty to absorb it all, and allow it to inform his original, very personal compositions.

Eyes Of Love

Eyes of Love is asmr pop played on a rock backline. Releases include 2018’s End of The Game(Wharfcat Records) as well as several online releases and tapes also associated with principal musician Andrea Schiavelli.

Starla Online

Starla Online is a 4-piece project lead by Lindsay Dobbs on vocals, keyboard, and trombone, and currently features Bailey Wollowitz on drum machine, Andrea Schiavelli on bass, and Von Lee on flute. Their music aims to encapsulate color themes and schemes, pixel reality, and probably romanticism. It’s un-rooted in groove and steadily evolving into a more collaborative effort. After being active for a year and a half, they’ve released an EP, two singles, and more on the way.

Mr. Transylvania

$10 - $12


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