Alien Bay Holiday Special Show feat. Bliss Nova (Album Release), Flossed in Paradise, Dead Tooth

Alien Bay is a Brooklyn-based electronic duo comprised of Jenny Wong (producer) and Julia Morrison (lyrics, vocals). The pair bonded over their mutual love for sci-fi film, aiming to create an intergalactic soundscape reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey:2001 and calling upon themes of self-discovery brought to life in Jonathan Glazer’s alien seduction film Under the Skin. Common themes explored in their music and art include love, suspense, sex and loneliness, as evidenced in their music videos under their co-direction.

Bliss Nova is synesthetic synth-pop: lush, pop-driven synthonies swimming in technicolor funk grooves, stirring hooks of psychedelic electronica and dreamy waves of chilled vapor. Brothers Daniel and Joel Trzcinski from Toledo, Ohio started the project in late 2014 as a way to put some lofi bedroom pop demos to good use — what ultimately became their 2015 EP, Do You Feel. The debut drew comparisons to the likes of Washed Out, Neon Indian and Toro y Moi, and the band was lauded as “one of the top promising artists from the Midwest scene.”

From 2016 on, the band developed their multi-aesthetic live show, “a tapestry of ethereal electronic soundscapes set against an explosive and booming rhythm,” and embarked on short-run regional tours, while finding time to explore slicker, dynamic dance-pop with the release of the EP Light & Shadow and the double A-side “Say It” / “Now” in 2017.

After two years of writing and recording, their 2019 full-length album, Going Places, culminates in smoggy, nostalgia-tinged euphoria awash with vintage sparkle, channeling a dreamy internal monologue entwined with the spirit of French philosophy. Longtime collaborator Brennan Willis of Ohio Recording Company co-produced and mixed the record, while mastering legend Dave Cooley (J Dilla, Washed Out, M83, Blood Orange) gave it a sonic polish. Erika Spring (Au Revoir Simone) makes a guest appearance, lending vocals to “Blind.”

With the new-age aesthetic of Brian Eno and Gondry-esque surrealism, the album’s ethereal splendor marks the freshest findings of Bliss Nova’s sonic evolution. Late ‘70s grooves grind against hints of early ‘80s electro funk and cosmic jazz, while timbres and textures of ‘80s ambient soundscapes and ‘90s electronica merge with ‘00s neo-soul and r&b. A supernova of samples, field recordings, lush percussion and catchy pentatonic tropes shimmer on the surface, with murkier depths and humor underneath.

Flossed In Paradise is the solo moniker of Brooklyn artist Xela French. From the name up, his project is steeped in retro-futurism, begging the listener to consider what pop music would sound like if the technological aesthetics of prior decades had prevailed. The result is a destination soundscape, allowing for a unique view inside the world of immersive listening.

In 2010 while playing guitar in the Richmond band, White Laces, French started a bedroom project experimenting with recording synths and drum machines. Inspired by the then-blooming chillwave movement, Flossed In Paradise grew with heavy gigging and the release of the 2012 EP, HATE. In 2014, French moved to NYC and started his current band, Teen Body, leaving FIP and a swath of unreleased material at the wayside. The hiatus broke in 2016 when he garnered attention with a new track, "Loss Leaves You”, signaling the release of a new album.

With an all-in Sci-Fi motif, OFF WORLD is a Blade Runner fan-fiction turned concept album. Songs weave in and out of the point of view of two lovers separated by duty. While mourning their lost love, they find and lose themselves along the way. French returns to the dual role of artist and producer to craft a unique sound to set the stage. OFF WORLD release is impending for 2020.

Dead Tooth is the ethereal brainchild of Zach Ellis, guitarist of City Slang’s WIVES, formerly the mastermind of The Adventures Of The Silver Spaceman and founding drummer/singer of Brooklyn’s Haybaby, With guitarist Andrew Bailey of DIIV, drummer Dylan DePice of Verite and bassist Jason Smith the band has released one four-song EP called Still Beats, recorded in a cold basement in Albany, NY in the winter of 2018. Tracks feature the violin playing of River Allen aka Ghost Piss, a verse by Darius VanSluytman of early-00's afropunk outfit No Surrender, as well as backing vocals by Sandy Davis of Pecas. The band is currently working on a full length do out next year.



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