Sold Out Dates 3 feat. Haiko & Friends

Bronx-based rapper Haiko has an extraordinary way of creating landscapes of sound that unearth feelings, energies, and memories that are indefinable. His music has taken a path through festivals, universities, clubs, and venues across the US. Haiko first entered the music scene through a hardcore band before transitioning to EDM and onto Rap. While in college, his remixes have garnered thousands of online streams. Haiko has established a prominent presence in the New York scene as a seasoned touring artist performing alongside of artists such as B.O.B., The Chainsmokers, Lost Kings, and Whethan. His assured longevity within Rap stems from his willingness to explore new aspects of himself. Haiko continuously develops his initiative for introducing a radical narrative on both personal and extrinsic matters throughout his content


$12 - $15


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