Josh Yavneh & The Culprits, Paulina Vo

Josh Yavneh & The Culprits

Josh Yavneh isn't reinventing the wheel. This lifelong New Yorker just puts his own spin on it along with his fellow Culprits, Jon Kurzman on drums and bassist/multi instrumentalist Tim Kessler as well as others. They utilize 50 + years of rock and roll history and guidance to produce an original yet familiar sound. Bits of the blues, rock, folk, Dylanesque pop and other elements can be heard in their tunes. They are currently working on the follow up to their "On The Table" EP.

Paulina Vo is an indie, R&B, pop/soul, singer, songwriter, and producer based in Brooklyn. Born in New Orleans to Vietnamese American immigrant parents, and eventually living in more than five states, Paulina’s experiences have molded her sound into a cross-genre blend of harmonies, delayed guitars, and occasional 808’s.



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