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iEzra is a the project of Ezra Huleatt (Black Taxi) that see's him exploring a new musical space. His latest album---Digital Downpour---is full of songs that are both anthemic and intimate and mirror the movement of their production: sketches written in the deserts of New Mexico, fleshed out in Montauk basement sessions, and then recorded over a few months between NYC, Telluride and Tulum. The lyrics speak to the technologification of humanity, our stumble into a future of faster and better, the poetry of loss, of rage and optimism. The sound is an urban underbelly---gritty brass sections, electricity, sweeping strings---juxtaposed with a call to the wild, a whispered plea building to a disco tent revival, a mind caught between love and pain propped up on a heartbeat that refuses to go quietly.

"Upbeat, catchy and glistening indie-rock anthem; it is smouldering with emotion as elegant, heartfelt vocals ring out above shimmering guitars, glistening keys and driving rhythms - it is anthemic and powerfully emotive..." - BarryGruff

"I honestly don't think I've heard anything like this before. It crosses over so many different genres" - Indie Electronica Blog

"Now this (Trigger Finger) is something different, reggae with electro pulses adding yet more scaffolding to its woozy strut. Add in a message and a definable chorus and you've got something that is both radio friendly and more than a little edgy" - EKM.CO

Bedroom band is a tasty blend of indie and pop rising out of Brooklyn. In just over a year they have built a repertoire of songs with catchy melodies and groovy beats. Catch Bedroom band throughout New York City’s music scene and keep an eye out for their upcoming debut EP.

"Edon has the ability to be the biggest name in music. His work ethic is absolutely ridiculous. I will never forget meeting him in the summer of 2016. At the time he was working as a porter in the Dakota and he would see me at 6 Am and beg for me to listen to him sing. No one does that. No one in their right mind wants to sing at 6 Am. I spent the remainder of the summer training him. This boy is special and the world will hear him one day." Roberta Flack

"The show just has this incredible energy to it! Edon can have the crowd on their feet singing and dancing to pin-drop silent when he is performing an intimate song.. Truly remarkable.." - Wave Magazine

A singer-songwriter from New York City who mixes Vocal Harmonies, Drums, Piano, Electric & Acoustic Guitar's through a Loop Station, allowing him to be a one-man-band.

Edon is influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Adele, John Mayer, Eminem, Ed Sheeran and many more

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