Black String

Black String

“Black String make you wonder how rock coped for 65 years without the geomungo.” - Mojo

“Towering, Hypnotic, Psychedelic Korean Postrock Majesty” - New York Music Daily

“An engaging exploration of what can be achieved by bringing ancient and modern into creative fusion” - Jazzwise

Black String seeks a new sound that can incorporate a variety of expressions in traditional music, as well as harmonize with other expression in world music. This new sound will be interpreted by artists who embrace traditional music as well as jazz, reflecting both composed and improvised creations. The group features Yoon Jeong Heo (geomungo), Jean Oh (electric guitar), Aram Lee (daegeum, yanggeum) and Min Wang Hwang (ajaeng, janggu), Black String especially focuses on improvisation as an important aspect of Korean traditional music and attempts to create a unique language through Asian intuition and musical idiom.

$30 ADV / $34 DOOR (plus fees)


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