Green and Glass Single Release Show

Green and Glass is a Brooklyn-based indie pop group that places evocative songwriting inside a brilliantly colored sound world. Imagined first in 2012 as a duo with harpist/vocalist Lucia Stavros (Ghost Ensemble) and multi-instrumentalist Sam Decker (Sfyria Trio, Secret Sibling) the group quickly expanded in personnel to cover a wide sonic range with harp, synths, horns, drum and bass. Trumpeter Andrew McGovern (High and Mighty Brass Band) began writing songs for the band, creating a creative balance with Andrew, Lucia, and Sam all contributing material. Sitting at the center are drummer David Flaherty (Cuddle Magic) and bassist Ryan Dugre (Landlady, Joan Wasser/Benjamin Lazar Davis), keeping the band centered in driving and unrelenting groove. Green and Glass, their forthcoming debut album for 11a records, is comprised of material collected from years of writing and performance, and has been painstakingly molded into an epic debut with dreamy pop ballads, raging rock moments, and psychedelic orchestrestral harmonies.


DJ LexNell



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