Yule Dogs with Wormburner, Christopher John Campion, Lifeguard Nights

"Drawing from the sounds of the '80s American rock underground, Wormburner takes those tones and uses them to paint vivid character sketches electrically delivered by frontman Hank Henry. Wormburner has roamed the streets of NYC for the better part of half a decade, collecting details and sketches of local color for their songs" – KEXP in Seattle

Christopher John Campion

Christopher John Campion is a singer-songwriter-raconteur-author known for his rollicking off-Broadway music-monologue-piece, Escape From Bellevue and the memoir that followed on Penguin Books. In 2016 he released the album, Watch The Gap, touring and opening shows for M.Ward and Violent Femmes. in 2017 he put out the EP Split Milk and has just released a new EP "Otto Otto" with his band Mad Staggers. He is also one of the featured writers in a new anthology of essays entitled, The Writing Irish of New York coming out December 6th on Lavenderink.

Lifeguard Nights

Lifeguard Nights was founded in 2006 when Vincent Brue realized his band's name (The South Jersey Seashore Lifeguard Convention Band) was about four or five words too long. Since then, Lifeguard Nights has gone on to release over 25 albums featuring an eclectic mix of songwriting styles ranging from Zappa-esque freak-outs to Springsteen-inspired singalongs. They've toured the East and West Coasts, have been nominated for a couple awards (CMJ, Asbury Park), been featured in various blogs (The Deli, Indie Rock Cafe, The Owl Mag) and have had their music featured in a number of feature films, commercials and documentaries. After the election of one Donald J. Trump to the post of President of the United States of America, Lifeguard Nights took all of 2017 (and most of 2018) off so as not to be caught fiddling while Rome burned, but recently remembered that fiddling is fun and we're all going to die someday, so they're back now.

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