Elijah Berlow, Ester, Cass Cwik

Elijah Berlow

Chicago based, cathartic ragtime, songwriter, ecological and food justice focused blending traditional Piedmont style with punk and contemporary folk. Elijah's songwriting is not only beautiful but also invokes a sense of folk nostalgia and can make you feel like your out in the middle of the country, with only occasional power lines and sparse dirt roads keeping you company along with beautiful strings and minimal drums.

This full-band incarnation of songwriter Anna Holmquist’s music features the talents of Chris Colson, Will Kyriazis, Tim Newsum, Katelyn Cohen and Raul Cotaquispe. Some might call them folk and some might call them rock, but what you’ll never call them is LATE TO DINNER. Ester’s music is best heard in a house full of mirrors. Use it as the soundtrack to your yo-yo competition. Available to play weddings and funerals.

Cass Cwik

"The 27-year-old Chicagoland native’s been at it since childhood, writing and recording, alone and with friends, on family computers and four-track machines; now his debut EP’s been released on Chicago’s promising Dumpster Tapes label. And it’s good to have it at last."



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