Plates Tour with Calyx & Teebee, Break, The Upbeats

Calyx & Teebee

Calyx & TeeBee’s first collaborations emerged in 2004, but their history and friendship dates back to 1998 when they were introduced as label-mates of the Moving Shadow imprint. In the following years the two artists accumulated a back-catalogue of releases on an array of DnB labels.

In 1999 TeeBee founded Subtitles. The imprint grew from being a home for his own productions to an established multi-artist label.

When Calyx and TeeBee first collaborated in the studio, the first two tracks they produced (‘Follow The Leader’ and ‘Cyclone’, featured on Calyx’s debut album 'No Turning Back') were acclaimed by the music press and witnessed DJ support across the scene. Rockstar Games used their music as the soundtracks for a global advertising campaign for the latest installment of the colossal ‘Midnight Club’ series; with ‘Follow The Leader’ featuring on a TV commercial that had blanket prime-time coverage for several months in every world territory.

In 2006 Calyx & TeeBee produced ‘The Quest’, which featured on the 50th release for Subtitles. Having also written ‘The Shape Of Things To Come’ for Renegade Hardware’s 10-year anniversary album ‘Above The Game’, the duo then decided it was time to embark on the long journey to produce their successful debut collaborative album ‘Anatomy’.

Currently working on a follow up, along with running the Subtitles imprint, the two producers have travelled extensively since their debut album’s release; touring both as a b2b performance and also with their 6-deck set.


Bristol based Drum & Bass producer, and owner of Symmetry Recordings.

In today’s heady climate of bass-fuelled dance music it could easily be argued that producer-DJs are the new rock stars. Climbing into that mould with a pair of schoolboy grins on their faces, The Upbeats have already been playing that role for years. Their anything-goes live performances are renowned for mosh pits, topless dancers (sometimes women) and crowd surfing, while their approach to writing hard-hitting, unique-sounding drum & bass is lauded across the globe.

Nicknamed Terror Snake and Downie Wolf respectively, Jeremy and Dylan are not your average, boring producers. Meeting at school through mutual interests in surfing, skating and ‘being gangly teenagers’ Jeremy had to work hard to pull Dylan into the world of drum & bass. But, armed with a stack of Mickey Finn & Aphrodite mixtapes and an unrelenting attitude, the snake soon overcame the wolf’s natural propensity for rock music and, fortunately for us all, a love of fast breakbeats and low-slung basslines soon followed.

Kinetiks MC



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