The Lawrence Arms 5th Annual War On Xmas

The Lawrence Arms

The Lawrence Arms got together in 1999 after the departure of Chicago pop-punkers the Broadways , Slapstick , Baxter, and Tricky Dick. The collaboration of Brendan Kelly (vocals/bass), Neil Hennessy (drums), and Chris McCaughan (guitar/vocals) produced music in the same vein of their previous bands: clever — often politically inspired — pop-punk with an aggressive, gritty edge. Asian Man Records released the Lawrence Arms’ first album, A Guided Tour of Chicago, in November of 1999, while their second album, Ghost Stories , followed six months later. Present Day Memories , a split release with Asian Man peers the Chinkees , appeared in summer 2001. After 13 straight months of touring and drunken debauchery, the Lawrence Arms joined forces with Fat Wreck for 2002′s Apathy and Exhaustion. The Greatest Story Ever Told was issued in September 2003; two years later Cocktails & Dreams , a compilation of B-sides, live recordings, and stray tracks, surfaced. Their next full-length, Oh! Calcutta! , came in March 2006, followed by a statewide tour with NOFX . With the exception of an EP in 2009, the wryly titled Buttsweat and Tears, the band was not to release anything further until 2014, thanks to the members’ involvement in side projects the Falcon and Sundowner , and Hennessy’s stint with Smoking Popes . In fact, some believed the band had split completely, until they announced in late 2013 that they had signed to Epitaph and would be releasing a new single, “News from Yalta,” and a full-length album, Metropole, in January of the following year. The album had a melodic, accessible sound and was hailed as their most mature effort to date. In 2018, nearly 20 years after forming, the band issued the 29-track best-of compilation We Are the Champions of the World. Spanning their entire career, the album also featured unreleased tracks taken from their 2006 sessions for Oh! Calcutta

The Riverboat Gamblers

In 1997, former Blanks member Pat Lillard (aka Spider Stewart), formed The Riverboat Gamblers with Fadi el-Assad (aka Freddy Castro), and Mike Wiebe (aka Rookie Sensation).
In direct contrast to the popular emo music at the time, The Riverboat Gamblers' premiere show featured over-the-top songs relating to drinking and of course, gambling. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, The Riverboat Gamblers continued to play house parties and shows throughout Denton and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Gamblers burst out of the Denton college scene in September of 2001 on the back of their self-released 7" single "Jenna Is A No Show."
Their eponymous debut LP in 2001 was followed by 2003's "Something To Crow About" on Gearhead Records which led to their eventual signing to Volcom Entertainment and a place on the 2005 Warped Tour where the band gained wider recognition for their stand-out live performances.
2009 sees the release of their fifth album "Underneath The Owl" on Volcom.

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