Diamond Smugglers

Diamond Smugglers

Austin’s Diamond Smugglers played their first show on a Monday night in 1995 at the legendary Hole in the Wall - on a dare from the club. As mid-90's Austin fate would have it, members of REM were in attendance, and word spread quickly about the joke band with a demented take on Diamond's catalog, as well as somewhat NC-17, "Neil'd" interpretations of Motorhead, Nirvana, and Billy Joel classics.

The band headlined the closing SXSW Sunday night shows for nearly a decade, and one of those rousing performances helped to land a road stint opening for Tenacious D in 2001. In 2006 the band was featured on an episode of Veronica Mars. The twisted concept even proved popular with several members of the actual Neil Diamond’s touring band, who once walked a few blocks down from the Erwin Center to attend a Smugglers gig at Club Deville.

Although unofficially semi-retired in 2012, the Diamond Smugglers are back by popular demand for special appearances, ironic reunion tours, and Bar Mitzvahs. They will bring their unique Holiday Extravaganza to Austin's 3TEN ACL Live on December 21st, 8pm.

A Smugglers’ Testimonial

The first time I saw the Smugglers I honestly thought someone was going to get in trouble. Austin has had satire bands before--like the Uranium Savages, who I loved--but the Smugglers went so much further—they were so depraved and so funny—and somehow so personal--that I thought Neil Diamond was going to send in some lawyers and send Steve to prison. You never knew where he was going to take things with the songs and the between-song free-associations he made—the show never seemed scripted, it was like he was taking his cues from the darkest, filthiest part of his soul. And that’s why they are ONE OF THE GREATEST BANDS IN AUSTIN HISTORY

Michael Hall
Executive Editor, Texas Monthly


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