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Holander, LA’s glitter grunge princess, embodies the bright lights and buzzing energy of a city after dark. She has garnered a reputation for weaving raw lyrics/vocals that embrace the autonomy of having emotions with both innocent and edgy ear worm pop melodies. Embracing vulnerability as empowerment; the 22 year old manages to put everything from pettiness to passion into a non stop bop

hi 🙂

my name's xkylar (pronounced skylar) and i feel a lot.

i'm curious and love experiencing new things and meeting new people, but i tend to take on others emotions too often then not. i find myself struggling to make sense of exactly what i'm going through and creating music helps me understand my emotions by giving them a voice. it's too easy to suppress feelings and life is a lot easier once you embrace them. i'm trying. i have written and sang since i was a kid but recently found music production as a way i could be the most vulnerable and honest in my self expression.

i am still learning, growing and improving and want to share that. we are all human (unless ur a robot which is cool too) and share so many similar experiences and feelings (real talk, the movie her is gonna become real life and robots will experience these too - sry for the side bar).

I hope in sharing my truth it allows some form of greater metaphysical connection. i write about love because that is what i hope to gain and spread, this deeper understanding of each other and the feeling of lightness that helps us carry through the waves of life with hope


Beauty Queen is best listened to while smoking at the back end of the parking lot, while skipping AP trig.

The brainchild of Katie Iannitello, and produced by the ever chill Henry Nowhere (Daywave), Beauty Queen's vintage bedroom pop is reminiscent of Katie's native Maui.

Once upon a time, ASTRINA (formerly known as Daria Black) was an old school classical composer who spent most of her time sitting at a grand piano. These days, she's an alternative indie pop producer/singer-songwriter who jumps around a stage playing bass, keys, and guitar.

Her music is inspired by acts like Muse, The xx and Radiohead, as well as her extensive background in classical music and film scoring. Her gentle vocal and catchy melodies draw you into her intricate and ethereal arrangements, where she builds the perfect sonic backdrop to the narratives she explores about love, mental health, and philosophy. Her visual artwork holds the same intangible allure.

"I'm really more of an artist than a musician [...] To create is to channel something bigger than you - something that is too powerful to be contained by your body. Art demands to be expressed in any way possible. The artist simply steps out of the way and allows creation to express itself in a language that speaks to humanity." - ASTRINA

Her first few singles have been a hit among indie blogs and playlists, and her live show is growing increasingly popular in the Los Angeles music scene. Her fans are hungry for content, and with several singles and her debut music video on the way, ASTRINA will keep them eager for more.



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