The Warning

This impressive trio of sisters from Monterrey, Mexico composed by Daniela (guitar and voice) Paulina (drums, piano and vocals) and Alejandra (bass, piano and vocals), has musical affinities that range from the classic rock of Queen and Pink Floyd, to sounds from more recent generations like Muse and My Chemical Romance. They have participated in some of the most important rock festivals in Latin America such as Rock al Parque, Hell & Heaven, Mother of All, Pal Norte and Force Fest; they have stepped on emblematic stages like House of Blues; they have supported amazing bands like Def Leppard and The Killers; Their music is part of the popular video game Rock Band, and they are the only Mexican band that has performed live on the Ellen show.

The Warning presents their latest album "Queen of the Murder Scene" a conceptual project mounted on a great audiovisual show full of energy and pure rock!

Devon O'Connor

Beaming with the sun-draped acoustic-pop leanings of Colbie Caillat, Grace Potter, and Sara Bareilles, singer-songwriter Devon is a rising star on the NYC music scene. Writing and self-producing her music, Devon released her well-received debut album Love and Haight in 2014 and her sophomore album What If I in 2017. Her new EP Songs from the Back of a Bar was recently introduced with the songs “Love You Anyway” and “I Bet You'd Like Me Better at Coachella,” which are glaringly poignant prisms refracting the unique way in which she sees and feels the world. Follow Devon on Instagram to stay updated about the new music and upcoming shows: @devonsounds



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