Blessed with a musical lineage, both grandfathers were professionals, one in a famous country band and the other an opera singer, this brother and sister country pop duo were destined since birth.

These Palm Beach, FL natives have honed their skills with classical training and musical theory at the prestigious Dreyfoos School of the Arts. They have attracted the attention of fans and the entertainment industry alike.

On any given weekend you will find then displaying their talents and have become fixtures on the local music scene.

Juna, the charismatic singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist is also a profoundly deep writer given her age.

Joey is the lead guitarist/keyboard player, with his heartthrob looks and impressive vocal range/harmonies makes this team a force to be reckoned with.

The duo will be hitting the road on a radio tour to support their new single “Stay Young” which they co-wrote and produced in Nashville, TN.

The next stop is Nashville and the Country Radio Seminar. They have been invited on a tour this summer of the East Coast and other exciting projects in the works. Stay tuned for the details.



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