The Full Moon Show Featuring: Cutts, Moon Revenge, Caroline Schuck

CUTTS is an alt-pop duo formed by Lillian Cutts and Peter Bonaventure. The two musicians began their collaboration one summer in Bonaventure’s DC apartment. The two became close friends, however the music would stall before ever being released when Bonaventure moved to New York.

In 2017, Lillian suffered the loss of a loved one, and threw herself into music as a way of healing. All at once she attempted to write, engineer, produce, and design for her own solo project which she had dubbed, “CUTTS.”

Though the energy and passion was there, Lillian struggled to create the project all on her own. She asked Bonaventure if he would be interested in remaking one of their old songs for her project and he agreed.

When they met in Bonaventure’s Brooklyn apartment to remake the song, everything started to click. Not only did they finish the song in a matter of days, but they began writing new music together. After a month of this, they knew it was more than one friend helping another, more than just a solo project, it had become a real musical partnership built on trust and respect.

In 2014, Marie Parker (of Secret Cities) made a new life for herself. The North Dakota native and life-long Midwesterner uprooted and settled in Brooklyn, leaving behind all that was familiar -- job, career, friends -- to begin again. Over the next few years, during long subway commutes, late nights slinging drinks in an oyster bar, and early mornings at a vegan bakery, the music that she made changed. Her songs lost much of the nostalgia of earlier work, becoming strange and timeless. She leaned into her classical influences and began tackling subjects larger than wistful romance -- the power of the natural world, the dreams that came to her as she dozed off on the train returning from work late at night, the work of Japanese writer Ryūnosuke Akutagawa. With the help of her Secret Cities bandmates (Alex Abnos and Charlie Gokey), Marie again set about making something new for herself.

The result is Moon Revenge -- the name a reference both to the AIM screen name that MJ used as a teenager and to the anime music that was her first love. The music is a document of a woman shedding the familiar to find out who she is without it, where her core lies. It finds MJ blending her formative influences -- baroque classical music, anime soundtracks, and psychedelia, among others -- into a surreal and moving suite built around piano and her inimitable voice. The album represents both a culmination of the journey MJ began in 2014 and the beginning of its next, wildly promising chapter.

Caroline Schuck

Caroline Schuck is a Brooklyn based musician who’s sound pans across many layers of intensity. She began writing songs and playing solo shows about two years ago and started playing with a full band this past year. Her latest release “Visitor( From Green)” is available on all streaming platforms while the band is currently recording an upcoming EP. She has played venues around New York and LA such as Baby’s All Right, The Smell, Berlin, Bowery Electric, Transpecos, and more.



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